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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Chron Don, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So i just got a dugout for 10$ and im planing on getting a better one hitter but my question is how do u pack the bowls without mashing down all the bud?

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  2. u kind of have to
  3. Yeah man, pack it in there. It won't fall out, and you'll get a couple hits, especially if it's the really fine ground stuff.
  4. I mean like yea i got a couple of bowls then halfway through all the bud stuck together and i couldnt pack anymore
  5. Why not roll a blunt? or a J. personal preference
  6. Not everyone has the bud to roll all the time.

    OP, I suggest you get a paperclip and flatten it out. You'll be able to clear out all the gunk from the dugout.
  7. The dugouts are handy for sure, but they do mash the weed down. Since my dugout resides in my golf bag at all times, I just pull out a long golf tee and fluff it back up. Have to do that every few hits, but the convenience is worth it. A long nail or paper clip does the trick too.
  8. pack it less deep or bring a papercllip at all times inside the dugout.
  9. have that exact same dugout

  10. You mean you can't clear the bowl when its cashed? Try blowing hard back through the pipe right after you smoke. All the ash usually cleanly blows out. If you wait a while, the resin sets up and you have to use a paper clip.

    Yep, paperclip is a great tool. I have it in my kit, which is essentially a dugout, but with individual components including a Bic in a waterproof Otterbox case. It's bigger but it goes more places.
  11. buddhist with a nice .3 nug you can roll a good joint, hell with .5 your made. just depends how fat you roll and if you break your weed fine. i rolled a .3 with breaking down by hand and it was pretty fat, not like pinky fat but just a good joint for 2

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