Dudes trip for 2 days after eating fish

Discussion in 'General' started by RATMEAT, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Hmm, interesting.

    Um...if you eat poisonous fish....will it always be "terrifying" hallucinations?
  2. lol dude fuck that, that sounds awesome... thats just the media being a bitch..... the articel says its like DMT and acid..(LSD) so its just like a cross between those to... ive never done DMT, but ive done acid.. lol id eat the fish if i had a chance... 2 full days.... i bet that'd be a lot cheaper... *and safer* than just taking like..... 8-10 blotters of cid to keep you hardcore tripping for 2 days
  3. Yeah dude the media is a Bitch! JOE>

  4. Wish she was MY bitch! :D
  5. You're my bitch! :D

  6. 1. ive never known anyone to trip two days off acid.

    2. why would you want to?

  7. :D :D :smoke:

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