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    1. Hey there guys!!
    2. I am a member of a grow forum in the country that i live but since its not in my native language and i am still learning the ropes of this said language i decided to sign up here.
    3. Right now i am on my first grow in this country and i am using a tent which is a first for me so this grow is more a learning curve for me even though i have done this once or twice :D
    4. I am growing in smart pots 11l ones and i got Girl scout cookies, Northern Lights and Green Crack all from "fast bud" they are all at day 55 today and i reckon they be just about ready in another 30 days or so.
    5. Then i have a "Dinafem" White Widow and "Royal Queen seeds" Special Kush #1 vegging along the 24 hour light schedual wich i will kick into flower when i have trained them enough or in around one month.
    6. Can you guys tell me, if i do a grow diary will i get any comments or help if needed, dont want to start one one a dud site ;)
    7. I have put these lady's of mine through hell or rightly my ex girlfriend did. she was minding them for a week while i was on vacation and she managed to top the all, and the Green Crack had only two tiny branches after she topped it. Then when i found out i had a nutrition lock out, i asked her if she had used tap water which i had explained she shouldnt and low and behold she did. I solved that in a jiffy but then experienced nitrogen toxicity amongst other problems :/
    8. They are doing quite good now but i really have no idea what to expect yield wise. Do you?
    9. The NL has stopped the stretch but GC and GSC are still going although GSC will be done in a day or two.
    10. I am adding two or three pics from earlier tonight when i did a defoliage on them three, so before and after pics.
    11. I do wonder if anyone will reads this, :) anyway it was a fun write, cheers and Good evenings to every one!
    12. Happy Tokings, 420Tombs
    13. 20883773_2349513351941294_1233412527_o.jpg 20907161_2349607265265236_199810482_o.jpg 20930522_2349513188607977_347330041_o.jpg

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  1. Looking sweet as there man! Your girls look really happy and healthy :) great strains you've choose there and fast buds have awsome genetics, good work mate :)

    What are you doing with green crack then, with only 2 branches i doubt you'll get much from her?

    Make yourself a journal up and see if anyone come :) try getting yourself out the a bit, get involved with other people threads, live chat and let people know who you are :)

    Happy growing buddy :)

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  2. Well these gals got topped after a month of vegetating and the are auto's, sadly the root system of the GC got stunted and didn't grow so well. I just finished flushing her medium and right now she is taking some time to dry up but she will be allright once she drys out a bit.
    I have to say I am impressed with all of these girls genetics. GC and GSC are both on the sativa pheno end and of course NL is a indica but I am really tempted to grow them all again without a vacation and this grow under my belt. I reckon I could pull have a pound of each on easy. These Auto's are really getting competitive and I like the fact they are higher on cbd.
    Thanks for the reply, I think I will start a grow diary for the last month or two of this grow.
    So I guess it's maybe 2%
    The GC looks like this now. 1502871762884427554355.jpg
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  3. Seem to be missing some letters here and there, it's like that when I am writing on my smart phone ☺️
    Hope I am excused
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  4. She has a few more now. But even though she had another 3 weeks to vegge she was so stunted but I am pleased with her branching compared to that.
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  5. Your excused :) lol

    GC looks alright there :) she might surprise you yet!

    You'll be impressed by these girls if you do a perfect grow :)

    Auto have come so far these last few years and the genetics are as good as regs!

    You'll be a very happy grower :)

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