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  1. what are some awsome physical activities to do while high

    might i add

    i'm high
  2. I like to play with my skateboard, have sex, or masturbate. All three will usually bring your high down though.
  3. Take a walk under the night sky.
  4. dude, sex, that's awsome, but i don't want to bring my high down, i've done both before.....sucks.....

    Take a walk under the night sky, now there's an idea I'm going to take advantage of right now, I'm going to go take a walk under the night sky, so long!

    Meanwhile, what are some other physical activities to perform under the intoxicatio
  5. walk along the ocean beach barefoot at night.
  6. I've got 20 bucks in my pocket that says he doesn't live near a beach.
  7. Sex, at least imo, is worth bringing your high down. But I do enjoy particularly while high. I love playing basketball while high personally.
  8. frisbee kicks ass and frisbee golf too.
  9. snowboarding, surfing, and skating are epic when your blazed. Makes me fearless and feels like im doing such gnarly shit.
  10. lets see we got sitting.. laying down.. um.. what else could u need eh?
  11. YES!!

    i'm all about frisbee. i could play from sun up to sundown.

    especially disc golf.
  12. how oculd nobody say:

    TV and MUSIC!!!!

    anyway, its chill to just sit at a river and crap and just chillax
  13. My Girl and bunch of her friends went to a graveyard and told ghost stories and dared each other to walk across the grave yard @ nite alone and also lay ontop of a grave.Thats F*cking nuts. She said that she didn't want to do anything bad to piss off the dead people but then again she was high :smoking:


  14. Ive been blazed while snowboarding once and it was epic. I was ripping a tree run apartm, it was the most exhilarating feeling. I only felt stoned though for a few runs

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