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  1. I killed her... too much fucking fert. Is it too late to start another outdoor grow since the summer solstice has already passed? IMG_0247.JPG

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  2. Bro she might come back shes still all green just flush the fuck out of her and she might pull thru
  3. I flushed really good about two days ago. I’m trying to wait before I do it again I don’t wanna give her root rot. How long in between flushing?

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  4. Wait for the soil to be almost dry

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  5. Yea just like normal watering just wait till she's thirsty, in my eaely runs i too almost killed a whole run of plants due to over dosing them with nutes but flushed em out and they eventually bounced back but still grew up to grow some quality product none the less
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  6. She was supposed to start budding in a couple weeks... what happens if she bounces back? How long will I have to wait before she starts to bud?

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  7. Kill the most stubborn plant in the world. amazing.
  8. Looks overwatered rather than too much nutes

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