Dude robs a bank to get health care in prison

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  1. A 59-year-old man has been jailed in Gastonia, N.C., on charges of larceny after allegedly robbing an RBC Bank for $1 so he could get health care in prison. Richard James Verone handed a female teller a note demanding the money and claiming that he had a gun, according to the police report.

    He then sat down and waited for police to arrive. “… I say, ‘I’ll be sitting right over here, on the chair, waiting for the police,’” Verone told reporters, recalling the June 9 robbery in an interview from Gaston County Jail.

    And wait for the police, he did.

    “He’s sitting on the sofa as you walk in the front door,” the bank teller said in a 911 call.

    Police arrested Verone where he sat. He was unarmed.

    Verone said he asked for $1 to show that his motives were medical, not monetary, according to news reports. With a growth in his chest, two ruptured disks and no job, Verone hoped a three-year stint in prison would afford him the health care he needed.

    N.C. Man Allegedly Robs Bank of $1 to Get Health Care in Jail - ABC News

    good job america :laughing:
  2. I.... uh....well....healthcare....fed is evil......I really don't know what to say to this except, hope that guy gets his healthcare?
  3. My grandpa recently sent me a chain email about jokingly fixing the medicare crisis by swapping seniors for inmates.. funny stuff.. what a strange world we live in..
  4. Fixed. ;)
  5. Oh hippie flip, in response to your sig:


    Edit: For the non-binary speakers: yes it means something.

  6. Are you implying that arabs don't wanna bomb us because of our freedoms and beliefs? :D
  7. It's a disgrace that America is in LAST PLACE among the advanced nations, for health care. Hopefully this will change for the better in a couple of years or less.
  8. I think he should've tried to rob the bank successfully to pay for any medical services he needed. But maybe he was trying to mke a political statement.
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    And god this sucks.
  10. Obviously, he's just drug seeking.:eek:

    If every uninsured person in America robbed a bank of 1$ to get free healthcare, the banks would lose about 50 million dollars.

    The cost to society would obviously be in the godzillions of dollars.

    Nicely done, sir. I think he's come up with a way to fix Obamacare.
  11. Idk, did you use one?
  12. Can we really blame this on Obamacare?

    The healthcare system was broken way before Obama.
  13. I, for one, applaud this gentleman. This country makes me sick sometimes.. and then doesn't give me medical coverage for my sickness
  14. If there wasn't a million regulations, and actual competition was allowed in the our healthcare/insurance system, it wouldn't be nearly as expensive.
  15. we can blame this on obamacare :laughing:

    AP Exclusive: Medicaid for the middle class? - Yahoo! News

  16. Personally I blame Canada.
  17. This man is an absolute genius. He found the perfect crime to commit to be put in prison long enough to repair his broken body which no company or government organization would help him with, but not so long that he would spend very much time not in recovery. I applaud him for finding a way to take care of himself when no one else would. Hope he does his time, comes out better, and willing to do more than just retire on some beach.:cool:
  18. sounds like a publicity stunt put on by somebody. How did this get so much attention? You dont think that thousands of homeless people do the same thing so they can eat, sleep under a roof?
  19. Kudos to the guy.

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