Dude jumped downtown

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  1. So i took the light rail downtown to meet up with my friend D cause we were gonna be light railing it to the southside for a party...

    When i got to the Santa Clara light rail station i got off and met up with D shortly after..

    We were just walking around for a little bit and then D wanted something from the store so we went to the store, D bought what he had to buy, and then we went back over to the light rail station

    these 2 dudes were walking through a parking lot across the stree from a club, and this other dude(some norte dude) was walking with 3 girls like 15 feet in front of him

    One of the dudes was saying shit like

    "where you goin little bitch" and "hey little bitch im talking to you"

    the dude with the girls was looking like he was getting all angry but everyone watching knew he wasnt gonna do anything

    then one of the dudes says "doesn't it hurt to be called a little bitch in front of everyone?"

    and then the dude just stops on the sidewalk and turns around and the 2 dudes start walking faster toward him

    words are exchanged and then the next thing i see is the norte dude get pushed into the side of the building and then the 2 dudes start throwin haymakers at him...eventually they get him to the ground and start doing a ground nd pound(it looked like they were doing an african drum tribal dance or something" and then they pull the guy back up and the 2 dudes are holding him down and i guess one of their boys was watching the whole thing but then he runs in and starts hitting the dude in the face and he falls to the ground and they walk away like nothing happened..

    idk the backstory behind this dispute, or if the norte dude deserved it, but he got his ass beat

    i usually dont condone to this kind of thing as i have been in the norte dudes position many times,(not being called a bitch in front of girls and getting my ass handed to me, but just being jumped downtown) but i gotta hand it to those dudes for being so slick with it, they were just in, and out, and walked away like nothing happened

    i was thinking of helping but then i decided i didnt wanna get my ass beat by a bunch of people from the east bay..

    anyway that made for some entertainment last night
  2. Yeah I always get a nice laugh when I see innocent people get the shit beaten out of them for no reason.
  3. Seeing shit go down is always fun, as long as everyones ok lol.

    What the hell does 'norte' mean?
  4. listen i know as much as you do, but how do i know if he was an "innocent person" and that he got the shit beat out of him for "no reason"

    QQ more please and calm yourself i didnt know what the fuck they were fighting about, and to be perfectly honest, that his problem, and if i jumped in i probably woulda gotten my ass beat too
  5. lolololol my bad....norteno....mexican gangsters that hate other mexican gangsters from the south(surenos)
  6. nortenos wear red, surenos wear blue
  7. You and your friend should have helped.

  8. you've obviously never dealt with people from oakland.
  9. and me and my friend were a good 30 ft awayand we didnt wanna miss the light rail which was already at the station just waiting...

    and even at that there were a whole bunch of people that walked by as it was happening and even more that saw the whole thing happen, and a whole lot more than were closer than me and D

  10. i lol'd but i know i shouldnt

  11. i know dude me and D were kinda loling about it after just for that reason...it seriously looked like they were playing the drums on him or something...the other funny thing is once the dudes started walking away the kid that got his ass beat tried to get up and was helllllla stumbling and he was yelling shit at them as they were walking away
  12. Dude. Use punctuation.

    I know you were prob. baked as hell while writing this, but I didn't understand a word you were saying.... It just kept going and going.
    Periods and Comma's are your best friend.
  13. well it seems like everyone else understands it fine, whats so confusing???
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29HJ24SrmT4]YouTube - Harold and Kumar Marathon - Lame Version Of Us[/ame]
  15. That's depressing. That shit happening outta nowhere cuz of some jealous d-bags.
  16. yup but for all we know that dude coulda been talking shit to them trying to impress the girls thinking they wouldnt do anything..

    idk but regardless it was entertainment
  17. damn, sketchness bro. That shit happened in downtown san jo? I mean, I'd expect it in most parts of the city but right there where everythings at? odd
  18. yup...if you go downtown on a weekend youll most likely see shit go down...its just recently been getting really bad...

    i think it started at the beginning of summer cause thats when they started to have music in the park, and a whole bunch of people from ghetto ass cities(no offense) like oakland, richmond, SF(HP mainly), and EPA come down here, and then colors mix and its no bueno...

    moral of the story: fuck all that gang bullshit its just a bunch of fags fighting over different colors of the rainbow
  19. fool I know... shits goin crazy, especially up in Oakland man, that place is like the wild west of the west coast.

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