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  1. This chick my friend is hanging out with was convinced by us to try weed. She said se will give us 55 bucks to get weed for us three to smoke. She has open house while parents at work to cook brownies/ firecrackers with too. She also bought me a sweet pink bandanna. I love nice people.
  2. That's nice, that she's willing to try weed. But unless her parents are really going to be gone for a long really long-ass time, I don't recommend cooking with it in her house. The odor is pretty strong. Plus, the body high may be too much for a beginner.
  3. new plan make some firecrackers, (no smellz) and that way we only have to use a few g's. Ya she should probably just stick to smoking too ur right cuss edibles give long high too
  4. the pink bandanna intrigues me, something like this?

  5. Hm, okay. That sounds like a good idea. Try not to suggest anything that would turn her high into a bad one, i.e. cops, parents. You want her to have the best experience possible so she can get a good first impression of the herb. Just keep it as chill, or funny as possible. Hopefully though, she even gets high considering many beginners don't even get high their first time, or even the first few times.
  6. Make sure to not take advantage as well. Smoke her out next time.

    Fire crackers don't make everything smell that bad. It's probably a good idea to do edibles first so she definetly gets high. Maybe make some firecrackers and then smoke.

    Be sure to prepare to get the best result. Read the firecracker sticky and the responses to get some good incite.

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