Dude it's 8:40

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by NickM420, May 12, 2010.

  1. Cool story, I was talking to my friend and he was like "I wish it was 4:20 right now, it'd be hella cool to toke up right on time" and I was like "Bro it's 8:40, pack 2 bowls" :p cool story.

  2. haha nice.
  3. +rep cuz i do this
  4. I see 4:20 almost every time I look. It's like super natural, man.

    I also dig your avatar, OP.

  5. Word, and TY xD
  6. Hey, its 2:10, I better pack half a bowl!
  7. Nice - gotta remember this - good shit!
  8. quoted for agreement
  9. It's 8:40 right now lmaoooooooooooo.
  10. lol regardless of the time, It could be 12:00 at night. Pack a fat bowl and just toke lol.
  11. It's 9:26, I should pack 2.17692324 bowls.
  12. I actually run on military time. So it's actually 16:20 and 20:40. Let's just say I smoke a lot of bowls.:bongin:

    :)rolleyes: Shady smiley says: The truth content of the former post can not be guaranteed.)

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