Dude , I'm so mellow right now

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Drano, Feb 27, 2003.


Should I go Home?

  1. Go home and get mellower....

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  2. Stay and trip out at work....

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  3. Hide under my desk....

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  4. Eat as many Oreos as possible...

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  1. Dude I''m so mellow that I can't focus on anything I am doing at work and I'm laughing at myself. HAHA
  2. You had better staart eating those oreos. They'll be so damn good!
  3. go home and get mellower now dude
  4. go get those oreos soaked in milk and enjoy, especially if they are double stuffed

  5. I know! I actually shreiked with glee when I found out they had coffee ones..they're soooo good :D
  6. they have coffee oreos, what will they think of next

    *leaves to go find oreos*
  7. I've gotten christmas themed ones before

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