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  1. Okay so i did what you all said. put the seed in a bag with damp paper towels and then just leave it in the dark cool place. well i did i checked on it the seed is now dark. and i think it might be dying. WTF
  2. Try the cup of water way I have better results that way
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    Needs to be in a dark n warm place (ex: on a computer monitor, heated pad, fridge, etc.) Higher humidity is also favored when germinating.
  4. Try leaving it in a dark WARM place, like in a ziplock above your cable box. It works.
  5. i do i have dried the cup of water and the paper towel. its sucking i have lost like 5 seeds and i only have 2 left
  6. Just keep trying youll find what works best for you
  7. I had to buy rapid rooter plugs. I put them in a prop try with a humidity dome and under a fluorescent like and all but 1 sprouted. I think i had like 15. Just don't soak them of it will be like over watering and turn black again.
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    No matter what method you use, some seeds just arent going to germinate. You'll have better success with quality genetics, but even then you aren't guaranteed a 100% success rate. If it is just from some bag seed, then Your chances of the seed not germing are gonna be a lot higher. Seriously, if your pissed because a few seeds didn't germ then your gonna shit if your plant gets half grown and dies. If it don't germ, relax and try another seed, or another method. Personally I went with the paper towel method described in the forums, and had 20 out of 30 germ from some random bag seed crap.
  9. What the above said. Another thing as well...if they have not germinated in 5-7 days they never will. Bad seeds turn black from fermentation aka its rotting.
  10. DUDE it put it on my small cable box and ITS POPPED and the tap root is coming out! THANKS
  11. if that was the solution .... do you know how to get along from here? :wave:
  12. Hey my seeds now KINDA look like the one on the left. should i plant it even tho the tap root is not super long? how long will it take too sprout to a plant?

  13. I like the taproot to be between 1/4 to 1/2 inch long when I put them in soil.

    Have fun! :D
  14. well i kept it on the hot pad and now it seems the tap root isnt growing fast. so its slowing down so i took it off the hot pad but i am keeping it in a dark place could it have gotten to hot and stopped growing fast?
  15. get a 16 ounce dixie cup punch holes in the bottom fill it with potting soil put the seed in the middle half an inch deep keep soil moist and very warm and in anywheres from 3-10 days you should have sprouts once they pop they need 24 hour light for 18-25 days then veg accordingly
  16. Okay sweet thanks man! :) i just put it in the soil yesterday
  17. I would have done like what storm crow said wait until its 1/2 in but you can still put it in soil now. mine was like your except it was dark when i got it. Hope your grow comes out good
  18. me too i just put it in the soil yesterday and have a wrape over it and its on the cable box to keep it all moist in it

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