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  1. I was driving down a small local road in Cypress and as I'm going through a light I'm checking to my right to see if I can change lanes after the intersection. I can. As soon as I refocus on my front view, dude in front of me slams on his brakes.

    Time slows down. Intensely. I was completely lucid and had the time to think about the impact... 40mph... not good. I thought, I don't have ABS, don't slam your brakes...

    I tapped them... too hard. Brakes locked, I'm skidding, I slam right.

    Cleared the rear bumper of the dude by inches. By this time I'm careening into the ditch on the right side of the road, I slam left. I start sliding left into the lanes of on-coming traffic. I SLAM right, and bust a full 180 degree sweep. I come to a rest facing the opposite direction of the side of the road I started on. The people coming towards me are stopping and I put my hands up like WOAH!

    No one touched anyone. I pulled into a parking lot and kissed the ground.​

  2. That's just pure stoner magic.

    I bet it was a hell of a rush to get through it untouched. :p
  3. man, as I read the story I had an image in my head. wasnt pretty.
  4. Shit like that has happened to me before where I was like "Holy fuck, I was just lucky as shit!." I'm still trying to figure out if things like that happen because of a higher power or because our subconscious takes over and guides us through it, like instincts kind of or perhaps a bit of both. Either way, it's an amazing fucking feeling when it happens to you:D
  5. I would've been like:

    Cut right! (Tie rod ends snap, steering goes)
    Break! (car weakly comes to a stop 100ft away after squealing pads grind into the discs)
  6. what did your underwear look like after that lol

  7. dude, I was driving a '93 Hyundai Elantra and I'm suprised I didn't lose my steering from something snapping. It's an old hunk'a junk.

    but anyway yeah, I think it's from years and years (since I was 6 yrs old) that I've been playing video games that has given me badass hand-eye coordination and cat-like reflexes.

    I felt like Neo afterwards for a while. *sigh*
  8. I pictured this in my head and it was kick ass. You sir have mad driving skills.:hello:
  9. Intense. I know how you feel, I've managed the exact same thing a few times on snow/ice, but the only thing ever going through my head is "Wow this is fun, I hope I don't get my car dirty in the ditch, this is pretty cool, woah..."
  10. thats awesome man, i had something like that happen to me once during a snow storm

    it was a 4 lane road with 1 turn lane in the middle, and the road was curvy, well i was in the right lane and noticed way to late that all the traffic was stopped, so i whipped it left, and i have a shitty intrepid with front wheel drive, and my back end just swung back and worth all the way down the road in the oposite lanes, only 1 car was coming and had pulled over outa my way. with about 100 cars staring at me i casually turned around and merged back into traffic.
  11. you are a lucky motherfucker!
  12. lol i had to come back and read this thread the next day, when i was sober. couldnt understand yesterday. now i can picture it, be careful dude.

    once, when i first got my camaro, i thought i was invincible. this thing only has a 305 V8 mind you. and one wheel peel, RWD which means it basically is a heavy, 8 cylinder go-kart.

    I fly out of a intersection in my town, trying to be all billy badass, no....one wheel peel throws me off and i stop inches, maybe .5 or so even from a curb. If i would have hit that curb at my speed, my car would have flipped. i almost shit a brick.
  13. I currently drive that exact car and let me tell you... If you'd have hit (at 40mph)... you'd be dead, no questions.. that car is such a piece of shit.. it's barely worth the paint that's covering the 1.2 metric tons of rust...
  14. cross drilled and slotted rotors FTW
  15. jeepers. I beleive you but do you know from first hand experience?

    I think I magically fixed something too. The car used to shake a bit when idling, now it's very smooth.
  16. duuude im the same way... theres something wrong with me when it comes to car accidents...

    Every time when its like were about to die from hitting something and EVERYONE is freaking out... there i am, as always, sitting with a smile on my face, laughing my ass off the whole way.
  17. man i just had something like that happen to me monday, roads 45 mph all traffic is moving faster, im about 30 feet behind the guy infront of me, comes a blinking yellow, and stops.

    he had one brake light working, and his blinkers obviously didnt work because he turned...

    im comin down this street, see him stopped way to late, lay on the breaks, my abs shoots out and i start skidding, i pulled to the left (2 lane street) then to the right to avoid on-coming traffic, i wound up infront of the fire department.....

    that shit does go slow-mo!

    good luck on everyones driving ventures...
  18. man i have had that happen to me a few times

    last year the huge snow storm that dropped like 2 feet on colorado and denver, i was driving around in its worst blazing some bowls(i used to have a huge truck that had no problems)

    so im driving around in white out conditions, going to a friends house to get snowed in and smoke

    before i get there im going donw a main high way, and i had the 4 wheel drive on and the roads really werent all that bad, andfor some reason my truck just starts spinnging across all lanes of traffic. thnk god no one else in there right mind was on the road, so i was just smiling having a blast spinnign all over the road lol

    that snow storm was the shit, all the plows were out, and there was still a good teninches on the roads, anda good foot and a half on the ground
  19. Not by way of accident no, however so far just about everything has failed on my car (currently driving without brake lights or an exhaust system) so I can only imagine how it is in a crash.

    What I do know is, is that there would be no way my car could have pulled something like that off and still drive :D

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