dude, did I really just do that?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ramone&emiglio, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Well fuck. I just broke my new (and first) bong, one that I just bought 3 weeks ago. It was a pretty sweet one foot-or-so mini bong, straight tube, glass on glass, skullhead perc, ice catcher. Looked pretty dandy and delivered excellent hits.
    Living in a dorm room it can get hard to have massive sessions. This past 4/20 and the night before I had some great sessions with my friends so i'm glad the bong lasted that long. The RA's have proggressivley become chiller, and lately (as of yesterday) I have been blazing in the room now. How peaceful :D .
    Well this morning I grabbed my bong off the windowseal to clean it. Whats this? Downstem is stuck, damn this is the second time. I reach for an old rubber ipod case, this should provide excellent friction. well the damn thing apparantly caused too much friction because I accidentally ripped off the joint. Well thats just great now this bong is ruined. On the other hand, the downstem is out... :devious::mad::mad::(:(:(
    This just really pisses me off. I was pretty proud of the new bong and other than the joint, it was a pretty well made piece. Thick glass all around but just a shitty joint. Oh well, I guess its a sign that I need to get back all this homework. Faaaaackkkkkk :(
  2. Get that shit fixed, it could be worse!
  3. Was it a bong with a sliding stem and bowl? If so you can just go and buy a new stem/bowl for your bong, cheaper than getting a whole new bong
  4. yes, however the hole or joint where the stem goes into the bong and then the bowl into the stem, broke. the joint broke, part of the bong so I don't think it's fixable.
  5. You can fix anything with enough thought to it. Smoke a bowl and stare at your bong. You'll think of a way to use... something to fix it. I dunno.

    Good luck though! :D
  6. look at it this way breaking a good bong is just an excuse to go buy a spectacuar bong:)
  7. not to be debbie downer, but smoking in the dorm is an awful idea. 75% of people i know that have smoked in the dorm on a regular basis have gotten busted. shit sucks. just say no.

    i feel your pain, though.

  8. rep+ :smoke:
  9. that blowssssss:(
  10. Try some shrooms. All you need is a beanbag and some fingerpaints.
  11. keep on truckin man
  12. meh I really doubt that 75% percent is true, or at least not anywhere me or my buddies go to school.

    Last year we were partying in my buddies room and got a noise complaint. RA shows up says there was a noise complaint and the neghbour complained of smoke smell in the hall. Tells my buddy he shouldnt leave his bong in view from the door and leaves.

    This year same buddy got busted smoking a joint with his roomate, $100 fine or 10 hours community service around the residence. Besides them I only knew one other person busted and that was because she smoked with some girl who then had beef and ratted on her.

    but to the point of this thread that really sucks that it broke but at least you had 4/20 to enjoy it at least one year.
  13. I could buy a new car if I had all the money I have spent on glass pieces which have ended in shattering, in my lifetime.

    It has to be in the range of 10 grand.

    I just stick to a custom 6x thick glass spoon now. If i drop it on concrete, it will just bounce, very durable.
  14. epoxy glue tht

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