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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ducky2027, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Well hey. all.

    Lets get to it.

    I smoke ALOT.

    ive smoked the green and the brown. good stuff and bad stuff.\

    Ive gotten good deals
    Ive gotten ripped.

    All of these experences have taught me things. What to do, What not to do.

    Which i think all in all have made me better at what i do.

    So i decided to share my experences with you...

    So first things first.



    I cant stress that enough,,

    For instance, When i was younger after id smoke, id change my shirt pull it inside out and put it in the MIDDLE of the hamper. That would cut the smell down. Also keep the colors the same. if you were wearing a red shirt with yellow letters. put on another red shirt at least.


    If your fucked up, and your parents think your acting strange, a strange cologne/perfume smell isn;t gonna help much. : )


    As nice as it is to smoke inside.
    Smoking outside makes you smell less and theres no smoke smell to clean up.


    Clouds and smoke tricks are cool. but it your smoking under the gun.. Hold your hits. One, it smells less Two You get more fucked up. The longer you hold it, the more thc gets absorbed into your system.


    one of the dumbest things i see kids do is flaunt there"stonerness"

    You start wearing rasta colors, you start using surfer slang, wearing marley shirts ect.

    Its those kinda things that tip your parents off. and once they susspect something its all down hill from there.


    This is something that i get askked alot.

    "John you smoke alot right, how and were do you do it"

    Well as for indoors.

    The garage

    The garage can be your best friend if u use it correctily.

    Ive packed many a bowl in my garage in gotten out scot fre every time.

    When smoking in the garage Keep it small. as goes for all indoor smoking.

    use a pipe/bong/one hitter..


    hey will let off too much smoke. the smell will waft and wil most likely not clear well.

    The less you smell the better.

    Hold the Hits as long as possible. after you hit your piece, inhale fresh air.
    this action will help you zero your hits better.

    another tip

    smoke as far away from the door as possible. (the door to your house that is)

    anfter you smoke.

    open the garage door and leave it.

    and wal-a!


    If you Insist on smoking in your room there are a few things you need.

    1. A sploof. ->

    check that link
    its a step by step guide on how to make one so im not gonna go into detail.

    2 a LSP

    which is a small spoon or a one hitter.

    a small bong could also be classified as a LSP.

    3. A window.

    4. A fan

    5. At least 3 hours of alone time.

    6. Towels under your doors.

    When smoking inside be smart. blow your smoke out the window.

    If you cough cough into a pillow. ittl kill the sound.

    ILL PUT UP PART 2 and 3 tomorrow

  2. Nice guide even though it's mostly commonsense but I'm looking forward to the parts 2 and 3. I also didn't really know about the holding it in longer. I thought that once you hold it in for like 10 seconds, your body will have absorbed all of the possible THC

  3. Thanks bro.

    Id do the rest now, but im just to fried.

    Im just smoked 3 bowls of some white rihno kief. :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  4. Decent guide, Glad my parents are chill... As for ghosting every hit though i dont know.. pretty sure it would be ALOT better for your health to use a sploof...
  5. Thats true.

    I was gonna mention that.
    But didn't get arround to it.

    Glad you like it :smoking:
  6. LOL @ Surfer slang.
    Oh, and my dad's the one who bought me my first bob marley shirt. So I guess for most parents it might be a sign but... oh hell I'm not sure what I'm talkin about.

    But it's a nice 'guide' or what not, basically if there are people you don't want knowing about your habits then just use common sense, besides when you're baked you'll end up slippin' up anyways.
  7. 1. I love the guide, good stuff.
    2. But I don't need it, both of my parents know I smoke weed, one of which smokes weed (but not with me) and back in the day I used all the same methods, but I ended up smoking so much I got caught red handed.
    3. if you smoke weed and you smoke at home, you'll get caught. I had friends that NEVER smoked at home, and they still haven't been caught. It's the people that buy pieces, keep weed on them, ect.

  8. Thats true man..

    I know so many kids that'l like blaze it up at home, accidently leave a piece out and get fucked.

    its all checkin and recheckin your self
  9. Damn i'm so lucky i don't live in the states. We can basically smoke in every park here and people do it. If u walk through one off Gent's parks in the summer u will smell the herb everywhere. Mind u it's not like that in the whole off Belgium, were very lucky in Gent as it is the most marijuana tolerant city in Belgium and probably one off the most tolerant ones in the whole world. So basically we have nothing to fear when smoking outside, mind u if u get caught dealing it's a whole other story they aren't tolerant on that at all.
    As for my parents they know i smoke the herb and there very relax about it, as is the case with most off my friends. My mother knows where i store my weed and they don't mind me having plants in the back off theyr yard. The general attitude to weed is very tolerant and relax around here.

    I feel for all u Americans and people from countries in general where the herb is still ridiculously pursued. I consider myself very lucky to live in such a tolerant country/city, i think i would go paranoid if i would live in the states. I can barely imagine how it must be to have the danger off jail time in the back off my head constantly when i'm toking or growing or doing herb related stuff.
  10. it just adds to the thrill of it! kind of...actually, itd be awesome to be able to smoke in a park without insane yeah. it blows man
  11. 3 hours of alone time!!?!!???!!! 30 minutes, an hour tops

  12. im just sayin to be safe man.

    If your new to the green.

    I personally could pull it if in an hour.
  13. The biggest factor in smoking inside is airflow. I've seen it a million times, you smoke next to the window, door closed, thinking everything is fine, then you go wander about the house only to be dismayed that the entire place reeks. It's the airflow, and if I don't have a proper way of getting rid of the smoke then I do not smoke inside. The best way is an exhaust fan in the window. I've found that it is your best friend, and the room will be smell-less in 20 minutes tops, if it ever smelled at all. I've seen some people try to blow the smoke out the window with a fan, but this is not only faulty but stupid: it will make smoking harder and the bud is going to start to cherry because of air always being on it, thus burning your weed when no ones smoking it. I have an exhaust fan in the room that i sit in presently and can toke up as much as I possibly want, and if someone undesirable is coming up the stairs, even if I'm blowing the smoke out as they ascent, it all gets sucked out the other way. If you cut down on the run-off the smell is so minimal.
  14. smart man +rep
  15. I've blown hits into the air conditioner with success. Into towels too, just wash it afterwards.
  16. I'm pretty sure what you just said is everyone but mooches get caught....

    Altho its pretty true, my mom was finding my bowls an stuff long before I smoked like I do now...

  17. you've got got to be carefull
  18. ive never gotten caught smoking once
    i live in an apt in ny and i just smoke out the window in my room
    i LITERALLY smoke with both parents awake and active and dont get caught
    i just do it out the window and spray febreeze when its done and i havent gotten caught
    idc if u think im lying but it works
  19. ppl shouldn't need a guide to smoking.

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