Dub Side of the Moon

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  1. Everyone should listen to this album by Easy Star All-Stars. Killer journey, especially if you like Pink Floyd.
  2. i love easy all stars. im on it.
  3. dub side of the moon is one of the most increadable albums i have ever heard. they did such a perfect job!
  4. its an excellent cover album, very clever and intense.
  5. This seems pretty interesting. Did they leave in the guitar and saxaphone solos?

    "The cash register opening and closing on "Money" is changed to a man lighting a bong, the bong being ripped, and the man coughing."

    Yuck, that seems cheesy.
  6. ill download it, and weed refrences in songs are cheesy. that may break the album for me.
  7. this album is fuckin amazing. they took all the enjoyability and truth from pink floyd and made it that much better
  8. +rep, i agree.

    Any who. they did a radio head one too.
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    I'm downloading this right now. If they butcher one of my favorite albums I'm gonna have to go dig out my machete.

    Edit: So I listened to Money. There's like 10 bong hits that don't sound like bong hits in the beginning that just make you sigh. Then they kill the saxaphone solo. Then they add some shitty verse instead of the guitar solo. This really isn't my thing and I can't see how it could be anyones. Time isn't too bad though.

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