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  1. Who's more dual: you or me?
  2. Who is to say that we are dual?

  3. Who is to say we aren't (without exhibiting duality)?
  4. Who is to say one is more dual than the other?
    The point of being dual is balance, not imbalance.

  5. Balance and imbalance illustrate duality.

    Not and not not illustrate duality.
  6. I dual wield Glock 9s.

    You are packing no heat.

    Therefore, I win.
  7. You have lost your humanity, therefore you illusorily compete.

    I would never use guns, I don't compete.
  8. So, hold on...I lose?

  9. excellent reply!!!!:hello:

  10. Oh, there's that hidden duality you tried to obscure.

    Win and lose dualize.
  11. One more shot at this:
    Yin is no more dual than yang.
    Yang is no more dual than yin.

    Together they create balance, seperatley they create imbalance.
    Seperatley, they focus on balancing themselves.

    One can only balance oneself through solitude.

  12. Solitude contrasts with interconnectedness, which is the way it is, as compared with how it is not.

  13. My dichotomy suffer from dichotomies of their own.

    So yes.
  14. Look: when it comes right down to it, are you dichotomous or not?


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