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    So i was recently reading up on combining hps and mh

    and read somethin about a 2:1 ratio on more hps than mh

    now i dont know much about spectrums and all but i would like help as i searched the web for help and found none

    I was gonna show you the pic below and wondered if anybody had any experience with this

    i want to put two 250w mh on both sides of my hps

    1st question, is the ratio bullshit?

    2nd question, is 250 on both sides even a 2:1 ratio haha?

    3rd question
    is how in the heck do i cool this room down without going to buy fans?

    window a/c might be considerable but ive got enough fans mixing air.

    i have central a/c coming into the room dropping temps constantly.

    id be running one 250 mh for 2 days after sproutlings appear then step up to the other 250 mh for a couple days until flowering and i dont want them getting too tall, mine got a bit stretched this round and i want to prevent that, which brings the next question to the drawing board,

    i only want to veg for maximum of one week, but in order for topping to occur perfectly you have to time it. are you following me?

    so in order to top at 5th node and 7th i would mosty likely have to do a little topping early into flowering.

    what are your thoughts on this?

    itd be dope if you respond, i wanna get this thread on a ball :smoke:

    cheif up and get ta` thinkin for me

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  2. 1) Yeah most likely the ratio is wrong. I say this because buds grow better under red spectrum light plane and simple. So if your going to add more light it makes the most sense to give the buds what they want.

    2) Well its a 2:1 ration if your HPS is 1000w.....1000wHPS: 500w MH = 2:1

    3) Run more a/c

    Most people don't top until until the 3rd node (this will take longer then a week)...But I wouldnt do much if any topping during flowering...You gotta think that you're cutting away bud sites when you do this.

    I would say if you are worried about height constraints. Wait till the 3rd set to top. Then give em about a week to recover before flowering them. If need be you might have to LST just a lil bit with some string.
  3. 1. i dont know about that ratio:confused_2: but 2 250 MH and 1 400W HPS will be excellent. Especially if you get 2 ceramic MH, they have an excellent spectral output--even better than HPS for flowering!

    2.You have to check the lumen output. Initially 400W HPS puts out 50,000 lumens. Initially 250W MH puts out 23,000 lumens (idk about ceramic) so this would put you near a 1:1 ratio. If you ask me though it doesn't matter that setup will grow
    Typical Lamp Data

    3. Unless you have a really good ac unit, buy fans and ducting...

    good luck
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    Cool, so this should be legit i hope, appreciate the help dudes

    do these inexpensive lights work well, the ones on ebay?


    if that doesnt expire soon, ebay links always do [edit: it says 21d so that link'll be there a min]

    for those that care ill be growing

    Barneys Red Dragon
    Barneys Vanilla Kush
    Reserva Privada Headband [sour kush]
    Dinafem Super Silver
    Positronics Blue Rhino

    in a serpentine pattern, i was thinking about ways to make portable scrog-pots

    im pretty high right now and my paint picture sucks this time haha :smoke:

    and i dont know how well this will work but im brainstorming ways to do this

    i was thinking i could maybe set my smartpots in milk crates and go from there but that seems stupid.

    i wanted to see if anybody has a link to a badass diy that they know for a fact works and didnt just google me one

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  5. DO NOT get that bulb. It has a color temp of 4200K. Dude do some more lighting research that would have been a foolish error.
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    See, good looking out. :eek:

    haha i use the word foolish all the time, great stoner vocab :smoke:

    back to business, what would you suggest in kelvin range so that i can look into that bulb specifically?

    that is if you dont mind peeking back in here ;)
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    so i should get 2700k for supplemental during flowering? :smoke:

    you really saved my ass here. +rep


    heres a post from you
    should i get those?

    i saw those and was down
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    Those are fuckin dope:D:metal: but those specific ones provided in the link max out at 150W. If you look though im sure you can find them offered at 250 just make sure to check the analysis before you buy them.

    Just a suggestion, consider using a CMH (ceramic MH) bulb even in place of the 400W HPS. I haven't grown with it personally but from what amoril said abut them they sound exactly like what I was looking for back then and I definitely trust him.

    Philips MasterColor Ceramic Metal Halide ED-17

    feel free to ask before you buy
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    Alright cool, i was gonna buy the lightwave reflector for these and just get two 150w cmh now.

    1 last question though, do these need a ballast? or how do i work them

    it only lets me buy the bulb online on their site and i cant much about how to turn them on hahaha

    im just looking for an estimate on costs.

    edit: i found small print that reads " operates on existing ballasts"? w/e that means?
  11. does anybody know if i need a ballast for these 150w cmh?

    Philips MasterColor Ceramic Metal Halide ED-17

    i certainly know that theres other people than clos3tgrow3r that could help :b

    it says on the site, operates on existing ballasts. what does that mean?
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    helpp! i need to know if i need a ballast!

    edit:haha nevermind screw it i looked super hard and found that any 150 ballast should work
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    No go bro! You need a pulse start ballast for those bulbs, but they're super efficient and better color than other MH bulbs. CMH all the way, they just require an extra little kick to start up. 90% sure, maybe google it to check. Perhaps that's only 350w+...
  14. your right, i realized they all say pulse start :b
  15. But they are a solid choice. I was going to go with cmh until a friend of mine gave a free ballast(that ended up not working either). Was going to switch back to the plan of cmhs but I ended up fining a great deal on some aquarium lighting instead...
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    hahah i almost fell right back into that boat with you dude, i saw a 400w aquarium mh, hood ballast and all for cheap, but i was like oh yeah, gottta stick with the plan.

    you'd say 150w on each side of my hps is good?

    idk how to hang these, and it looks as if you have to put it together :(

    the picture here looks like the cord isnt even lookin long enough to hang :[[[[[

    can someone elaborate?!?​

  17. You can make the wires to the socket as long as you want (lamp socket white and black in the picture). It is all of the other components which tend to stay in closer proximity inside the ballast's container (when applicable)

    I went and got some 12 gauge wire spools (2 x 20ft.) from radio shack and separated the ballast and bulb on my HTG 150W hps unite. Adding 13 ft of cord makes things much easier...cooling, hanging the lamp
  18. hows it going 420?

  19. whoa! dude for some reason i thought id never hear from you again because it said you were banned as i tried to give you rep last week.

    and now it says i need to spread more before reppin you :rolleyes:

    but yeah i think im goin with 2 150 CMH and should have it all going after i harvest,

    i need to invest in a portable air conditioner though BAD [since its winter and i use central a/c for cooling i cant grow much longer without one]

    take a look at this craigslist ad v v v


    you think that would cool a 12 x 8 x 7 room?

    and clos3t, have you ever used bubble bags, im harvesting my moby dick tomorrow
    [i easily smell a distinct lemon and cherry starburst fragrance with overtones of mint on moby] :smoking:

    heres the thing, when i threw a couple leaves and small nugs from test nugs i had into my 1 gallon bags with ice and water, i got nothing!

    i looked at the leaves and shit when it dried and they were covered in trichs, i was so mad,

    however i smoked those leaves in a small blunt anyways, just to pass time foreaal hahah

    i dont want to fuck this up and i wish i could talk to someone with experience with bubble bags
  20. dont worry about it man its cool...ya i got banned for a week for some bull.

    glad to hear it:hello: i think those cmh's will pwn, i would like to follow your grow if you have a journal.

    as far as A/C goes i tell you to be careful. Make sure it works how you want it to before you exchange money. I once purchased a dehumidifier for $100 and took the dudes word for it (we exchanged in a parking lot--stupid) and it didnt work. Last time i saw the 100. Now on the other hand it may be exactly what you need at a good price--so all im saying is be smart.

    well i have 0 experience points with bubble bags, most probably you did something wrong or you didn't use enough? i remember watching a how to vid by jorge cervantes on them off youtube though, that might help.

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