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  1. I've been trying to dual boot my macbook with windows using boot camp but come across an error when tyring to partition.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

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    Alot of partitiong software has massive bugs for some reason. I use partition magic 3.0 and it works well. It's a free download and is a good liveCD. ~~~ Make sure when using a partitioner that you preform one task at a time or you get errors and end up erasing your hard drive. Also that you format each partition as the correct filesystem. NTFS for windows and I'm not sure for MAC. I think its FAT23 or something. If your not down for trying something new Id say to reformat the whole harddrive to remove the OS and then continue. It seems like MAC put something in to stop you from dualbooting. MAC sucks
  3. Yeah, i agree, you deffinantly need to reformat the whole thing, if you want to avoid issues with the partition process, i would consider putting Linux on it first to make sure no additional software prevents you from multi booting... divide your hard drive space accordingly.. and then partition windows.. mac... or whatever.. The reason i suggested linux is cuz your macbook comes with its own "mac approved" BIOS which can be a bitch when trying to multi boot. GRUB BOOT installers can make that alot less stressfull, and are readilly available in most linux distros...

    You might also wanna see bout formating a USB key.. it saves harddrive space.. and avoids multi boot errors when crappy OS software prevents you from choosing an OS, or system files located on another OS..

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