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    9x White Rhino (two rows on left) and 15x Sweet Island Skunk (three rows on right) under 1000W, Day 15. Planning to veg for two more weeks. Should I do any training or topping to even up the canopy or just let them grow wild?

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  2. I'm very tempted to SCROG this grow, but it's my first so I don't want to jack it up. Any thoughts?
  3. I use a scrog, check out how I do it here.


    Just lay it over the top. (mine has only been there for about 5 days). then let the plants stretch through it a little, once they do, pull the branches over one edge of the screen, and under the rest. Its only my second time doing it, but my first canopy was even, and I think that helped a lot. You do have a lot of plants though, so it might not matter
  4. My canopy is already pretty thick in some spots as you can see, I'd just like to tame back the main colas and let more lower branches grow up and through to maximize the yield. I've got about 8-9 days of veg left before I was planning to switch over to 12/12. My only concern is that they say the plants will double or triple in size and I don't want to make a nightmare out of a what's so far been a fantastic grow. Does training the main stalks vertically underneath the screen cause them to grow less and put more effort into the upward growth of the other branches? If so I might go for it. There are so many potential bud sites on these things I would hate to see *any* of that potential go to waste :D
  5. Nice job DT4, keep the good job man, and keep updating, i will be following this :)
    If you need any help just ask :)
    Have a good sir.
    you can also take a look at mine, 4x8 flood and drain hydroton 3k watt :) ( tell me what you think of it )
  6. Definitely. I have a great pic for that.

    When I did my first SCROG the plants were all wayyyyy too tall & stretched to begin with. I put the screen over them and kept the top growth site beneath the screen. The majority of the side branches caught up in growth and I was able to have an even canopy for the rest of the grow.

    Your growth looks really good though. Keep it up.

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    I've kept my lights VERY close to minimize stretching. I've noticed you can shape your canopy day by day using little tricks like raising the lights a hair more on some days to hit the outer plants better, rotating the pots after about two weeks so the tops are fairly evenly spaced, putting your weaker performers in the middle with the most intense light to give them energy to catch up with the stronger ones moved to the edges, etc. I decided to go ahead and bonsai / SCROG it. I removed about 1/3 of the undergrowth and started routing my taller tops underneath the screen. It's going to be messy, but I think I can fill a good part of this screen with buds. Ultimately I think SCROG might be a little too time consuming for a larger scale operation, but this will be an experiment. I really wanted to just let them grow and watch them but I'm too impatient for that, I want to have some fun with it... :D

    I think I read somewhere that you can FIM/SCROG by letting the tops grow over the screen, then twisting them back under. I've also seen pictures where people purposely damage the top stem as they are bending it over to train it. Are either of these things necessary or even adviseable? I don't really like the idea of too much stress, but I think a little is good.

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  8. An update for anyone following... I'm at day 34, recently switched over to 12/12. Screen is very full, but the Rhino clones on the left can't keep up in height with the Skunk clones on the right. Had a feeling that would happen but I just have to keep running with it. My plan is to just continue to train the Rhino side to finish filling in the screen but just let the Skunk tops go and they will determine the height of the light and they will harvest 7-10 days before the Rhino clones. Does that make sense? Any thoughts, comments, things I should be concerned about?

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  9. May I ask what your using for a grow medium? any type of pad in the tray?

    Those look very healthy, gj
  10. the only thing i think about this DT its why you dont grow them a bit taller, lower, so you can have more big cola and long,
    like your doing your only going to get some top.
    if you grow them taller you wil have a main long cola ?
    what do you think ?

    otherwise they looks nice just a bit too stretched
  11. It's hydroton in pots. There's no pad in the tray, it's just lined with plastic. They're starting to smell very healthy! I made some kief like stuff out of the clippings and a few hits caught me a nice little buzz so I think they're going to be potent.
  12. The screen is at the height it's at because I added it as an afterthought. Had I planned from the beginning to SCROG I would have placed it about 6" lower and done some serious training early on. Since they were already quite full when I added the screen, this is just kinda how it turned out. I've got plenty of upward movement with my light so I'm hoping the entire screen will fill up with buds all roughly the same sizes.
  13. nice grow .. where is the update DT4 ? :p
  14. We've got buds...

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