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DT comin up.....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by T_bird420, May 28, 2006.

  1. i wanted to know if you guys think ill be able to pass. Im 6'3 165, and have not smoked for a week. i have been usin the 2 niacin and water plan, and i excersice vigorously twice a day. my usual intake was about .5 gram a day in the form of a blunt. The test is for Wal-mart, and it will make or break my financial situation for at least the next six months. Any help is appreciated and it is a piss test, as usual. Thanks

    also, the niacin were the Gnc 500mg without the time release
  2. LOL, if you are taking a lab test, you just shot yourself in the foot by taking niacin. They can detect that stuff, and won't hire you because you are trying to clean your system.
  3. my dt isnt until wednesday, and i havent taken any today, and im not gonna take any more b4 the test.
  4. if you are still feeling uneasy, wake up early before your test and take a detox product(cannot think of brands off hand, but i will be buying one very soon as i have a test coming up as well)

    it is slim that you will pass, but since u work out so much u might have a chance. Definately use a detox product though
  5. thanks for suggestion, will go see what i can find

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