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  1. I'm looking for some advice I will be growing 5 royal cheese seeds, and the only thing I still haven't figured out is the drying part since I can't do it at my home. My friend who is also gonna be helping with taking care of the plants suggested he could dry in his attic. He lives with his mother but she never goes up to the attic. There is a window there, the only worry i had was that I don't know whether you would be able to smell it from downstairs. To get to the attic you simply open a door and walk up some stairs, she will be walking past this door alot so it needs to be completely smell-less. Does anyone here know whether you would be able to smell it , and some ways to lessen the smell would also be great.
  2. Freshly harvested plants reak! Unless your drying in a sealed and scrubbed environment you'll smell that shit down the block. Ive no cheese growing experience, but from those that do said its definitely 1 of the strongest smelling herb.

    So here's the real issue. Why can't you dry at your spot? If you can't dry there how are you gonna grow there? If you're not growing there, do you really want to be driving around with fresh chopped herb? Sounds like now is definitely not the time for you to grow until you can do it safely. Sorry man but I see too many red flags here, safety is the most important thing

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  3. Without any exhaust fan filter your going to smell it and your choice of strain is defo not discreet northern lights #5 pheno is probs best for stealth and aurora indica is practically same.
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  4. It will be an outside grow, I've got a very nice spot. I was initially planning on also drying outside but since my friend suggested it I thought I'd ask on here what you guys think. I will definitely not be drying at his place then, thanks.
  5. It needs to be ideally dark with good air flow and you need to control the enviroment (very important) to get it right if you mess up dry stage your weed will be low quality harsh tasting probably give you a headache awful bud you cant botch up drying stage.
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  6. Bottom line "Weed Stinks" especially in the first day of harvest and a few days of dry .

    Your best bet is to get a small tent and exhaust with charcoal filter and hang it in it ,
    If thats not possible than a dark place with a good environment for drying .

    Drying and curing is the pinnacle of growing , get it right you have gold
    Get it wrong you have Mold .
    Dry too fast and its nearly impossible to rehydrated

    But WeeD StiNks even when it's growing , especially cheese strains .

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  7. Booyah! Nailed it in one.
    I've just hung a "strawberry cheesecake" or something like (i don't pay too much mind to these ridiculous names, my partner is into all that. I just rear the cuttings he brings me).
    So I'm on my fifth cycle, I've improved with each one. An produced around 40 top notch saleable oz's and about 14/16 of what we class as shitty personal. From 8 plants.
    So reading about this guys problem really made me chuckle. Soz bro, but ya man's spot on. If it's too much of a problem to dry it at your yard, due to the smell, it's no way gonna be possible to grow it there. It's crazy. An you'd wanna have a lot more than an unlocked door between that guys mum and your hidden, loud, smelly and extremely bright grow room.
    I'd say if you don't have long term, total unrestricted control, and access to your grow room my advice is, don't do it mate. It sounds like a non starter I'm afraid. It's 3/4 months of graft dedication to these babies that will litteraly die without your regular care an attention. An were after more than survival. We want utter verdent thriving and blossoming which will take love, care an devotion. Ha! It helps to get the bug and really get into it. So you enjoy the work an look forward to seeing their progress.
    I can not imagine trying to do that in secret and divided up between my unsuitable spot an my mate's, mum's back room, who must not find out about it. Oh boy! Let me know how you get on bro. An all the very best.
  8. make a small tent or use some plastic to seal off an area and use a carbon filter make sure the space is dark

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