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  1. Hey all,

    Just wondering how stinky buds that need to hang and dry would be in a room closet with fan running low. I got a few bud outdoor trying to dry but humidity is to high so need to get them to a isolated room where I can keep a closer eye. I'm just worried about the smell as neighbours close by. Like when they start to dry is it really stinky or just a slight hay like smell?
  2. Really stinky... I personally never get a "hay" smell... my plants smell like dank the entire 4-6 days they take to dry... and then when I open the jars to burp em they smell up the place too... now it may not stink outside the house but inside the house is gonna smell good.. I'd say it damn near smells as strong as the plant normally does at first then gradually fades some... but again i never completely lose the smell and time to time I can definitely smell it outside my place. But I'm also in a very small place to though.

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  3. If smell is a concern, try a "dry jar"

    Silica Gel Packets to help dry buds....

    Just be forewarned, quality isn't going to be the same as if you slow dried and cured in the proper way.


    You can also cure in a similar fashion, using a mason jar and boveda pack
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