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  1. Hey im going to be drying my buds in a closet and im just wondering, since i still live with my parents, if i could use like a constant air freshner or sumthin...i dont have the money to buy a carbon filter or any supplies to build one im just planning on like putting a towel under the door and put like 2 air freshners in there and see what happens, does anyone think that would work??


  2. i wanna knwo the same... does it really smell that damn bad?
  3. maybe the airfresheners would add a gross taste to the bud when its cured.....

    Maybe put something in there thats stinky but smells goood..........no idea what right now though.............
  4. :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: stinky but smells good:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
    hahahahahahahhaahahahaha funny shit dude
  5. Just try an air freshener....buy one of those citris flavoured ones, like lemon or orange.... maybe it'll give your buds a really nice taste!
  6. how many plants you dryin? when i dried my plant it didnt even smell like bud. it smelled like dead foliage. if you use an air freshener in your room like ozium than i dont think you should have a problem.
  7. it should smell more like fresh cut hay. shouldnt smell like too much of anything or taste till you cure for a couple of weeks. it will take about a week for it to go through that dry and disturbance of the buds will definetly put off a smell. sorry if this doesnt make sense, a lil stoned :)

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