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  1. hey guys, im thinking of growing next season, but before i do so, i want to plan all the steps out. i understand the procedure, but there's something that may keep me from doing it. i understand that after picking the buds, you need to let them dry in a dark, cool area, and from what i hear, this means it should be done indoors and may smell. my problem is that i can't have them hang indoors in my house, and it cannot smell at all.

    is there a way i can dry without them being indoors, or have the buds dry indoors without any evidence of them being in my house?

    thanks guys
  2. Hang them in you're wardrobe with some odour eaters. Or just find some where outside and pray.
  3. I chop my whole plant down and hang her in my shed. Prop the door open for ventilation, takes about 5 - 7 days.
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    Get a large cardboard box.

    Using wire coat hangers, make a couple rows of cross bars so you can hang your bud-sticks on or tie them to.

    Build or buy a small carbon scrubber that can fit inside the box.

    Put everything in your closet.

    Try to open the box a few times a day to exchange fresh air. Or build a carbon scrubber that actually vents from the box continually drawing in fresh air. (noisier and probably less stealthy looking without a lot of work)

    Good luck :)

    Edit: There's a link in my sig that has a few tips on drying as well. I highly recommend getting a case or 2 of mason jars and using the 12 hour open/closed curing technique. Seriously enhances the flavor and potency of any fresh bud. :)
  5. You may read a lot, but in my opinion, every plant I have ever seen cut down loses its smell about 30 minutes after cutting it, I just chopped up a few pieces on my white widow, and have them hanging in my closet, and I would probably be shipped off if my parents knew, there is no smell, you get the smell back when a succesful cure is complete.

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