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  1. Wassup growmies, I have a question for you all. When I'm in the drying process ,do I start curing after one limb snaps in 2 on the hanging plant? Or do I wait until all limbs can snap ??
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  2. When I feel my limbs are dry enough based on the first smallest branch breaking. I clip a branch section that will fit in a 1 quart jar. I place a hygrometer in the jar with the branch and seal the jar. After about 1 hour the hygrometer will give you an idea of what relative humidity your branch and bud is. I shoot for 58-62%. When my test jar gives me that rh. I clip the bud from the stem and begin my curing process. HTH
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  3. i use the squeeze method when you squeeze a bud and it bounces back then i jar it and test the rh But honestly after a few harvests you will just know when to jar and cure .One thing for sure it is better to under dry than to over dry. Even if you jar a little wet you can dump and or burp until they are correct I use tupperware to get them ready to jar but i usually harvest around 1,000 grams per grow . Remember to save all the tops of the tops the best colas to cure the longest so when your stash gets low you smoke the best last What temp and RH are you currently drying? Wet trim or dry? hang whole or branches?
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  4. I am curing with grove bags and I dried the whole plant. Thnx for the advice ,I tested a mini bud before curing and it was FIRE.

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