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  1. so, I just harvested 2 plants about.. a week and a half ago.

    about 3-4 days ago I cut em up and put them into jars. I'm startin to think that was too soon.

    Today I opened the jars and was welcomed with a pretty weird smell... definitely not bud..

    Why? lol

    Did I not dry for long enough before putting in jars?.. is this a sign that I did something ELSE wrong?

    helppp! lol
  2. If you put bud into jars before it is quite dry (from hanging), the closed environment of the jar can very easily result in mold. There's a good chance you've got some mold on your hands.

    First you cut the plant down. Then you manicure the fan leaves off the bud. Then you hang the bud for about a week or so (depending on the environment). After all of this, you can then put it into jars - ONLY if it is sufficiently dry. Sufficiently dry means that the bud snaps as you bend it, as opposed to just freely bending.

    Also, once jarred, for the first couple weeks, you should try to open it AT LEAST every few days so that it gets fresh air.

    Hope your harvest isn't molded up!
  3. gahhh me too!

    well i have the jars open, im thinking of tossing them on some paper towels and drying them for longer..
  4. http://forum.grasscity.com/harvesting-processing/424138-simple-harvest-cure-step-step.html

    seems informative?!


    also seems to have lots of usefull info!

    Just a helpfull hint... try searching before creating a thread that way GC wont get soooo confusing!

    Good luck with your herbs, your most of the time able to trim off most of the mold if your budz went moldy on yea! And even if they did I know there are recepies out there that people have to turn moldy budz into some sort tea or food er' something like that (sorry I dont have more info)

    But yea my friend, Good Luck! -Peaceee

  5. you should leave them hanging up until the branches *snap*, thats the best indication that the plant is ready to jar . if the stems just bend then there is still too much moisture

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