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    Hi, i know. Dryingn weed in a shoebox with a lot of holes made with a screwdriver on my balcony away from the sunlight Is non the proper method of drying. But i can't Do It inside. No way. So any advice on how i can improbe my method? Keep in mind that i can't use tents, fan and a place in my house. I can't invest in a tent+carbon filter. I have to keep them outside...
    Maybe this Is not the method that Will lend to an award winning weed, but till now has produced nice one, the best i have ever smoked in my country. But i will like to improve it

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  2. Probably "ok"?
    I'd say make sure there is adequate air flow. Perhaps put a rotating fan in front of it, if you can run a cord out.
    Not gonna be much you can do about the smell with that set up.
  3. I've bought a few items specifically to grow weed.
    Possibly, the most clever is this drying rack.
    I hope you can make it out; I'm quite sure it came from Amazon;
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  4. Avoid sunlight on drying buds get this

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  5. No sunlight hitting the Buds at all, inside the box is dark.
    If i buy the drying rack, then how i should use it to improve my way of drying? Air flow Is not so a concern, there Is Always Wind sometimes even too much
  6. Jjjjust make a wood box with some computer fans that works right. Better growers chime in.

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