drying/curing tips from weathered growers :D

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  1. Hey guys I am going to be harvesting relatively soon, and I have already harvested some smaller light neglected buds a few days ago to try out drying/curing before the rest of my crop.

    Before I started this grow, I researched all the different aspects of it, lighting, ventilation, seedling, veg, flower, flush, dry, cure. etc. You know the whole shabang. Anyway, I was wondering if what I had planned for drying and curing is correct, and if any of you can point me in the right direction in terms of hints or tips.

    I know slow drying from what I have read is the way to go. Here is what I was planning on doing with my crop.

    On harvest day I will chop down all of my plants. Trim off the big leaves, then go back over and trim off the rest of the leaves. The leaves with resin build up I will save. Following all the trimming, I will hang the branches with buds on them in a dark cool well ventilated room for approximately 5 days, or until the branches are brittle.

    Following this I will remove the buds and put them in glass mason jars(make sure I am not packing them tight) for about a week. During the week in the jars I will open the jars at least once a day for 10-15 minutes to "burp" the buds, then close it again.

    After about a week of burping, the buds should be smokeable? This is where I am uncertain. How will I know? Please any input for this whole method please post here :D I have come really far and don't want to mess up now.

    Thank you in advance fellow Blades.
  2. curing is complete when you burp and the bud inside is the same as it was the last time you filled the jar after a burp....after a week(depending on temps)sum smaller buds may be ready to sample but should still have a ways to go....i cured for just under a month...at the end of first week depending on mason jar size(i used widemouth 1gal)your burping should be once a day...when i finished i was burping every 2 days...temps high of 75 (during day) and low of 54 at night(in garage closet)...so...hope this helps...
  3. Okay yes very much so. So I should be looking at a longer process? Also, how do they change in between burps? What am I looking for? What should I look out for during the whole process? Certain smells? Temps? Etc
  4. smell,taste,texture,bud density...everything will change, and all for the better..lol..so take your time with it..sample it @ 10-12day intervals until you're satisfied...have fun
  5. Okay, thanks a lot man :D
  6. if you can maintain a 77-78' temp thats great...so try your best to range in that area the entire cure process
  7. Where can you buy big mason jars?
  8. I was going to look on Amazon or something. Or do you mean in person?
  9. I got mine at wallmart for $6. Got a case of 12 1qt jars. And they come with the two piece lid, which is good if you planning to vacuum seal for a longer shelf life after you finish curing. They have some vids on youtube. Hope that helps
  10. I use widemouth quart mason jars from wal-mart. It is kind of late to see them in stores this time of year, you may have to order online and pay shipping.

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