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  1. anyone ever see AND use or know someone who has used the herb drying boxes with the big rubber maid containers with venting and pc exhaust fan on them with carbon filters? if so how was the results?
  2. I'm with you broskie, building myself a dedicated drying box. The results from a DIY build will depend on the quality of your work, not to mention your ambient humidity, temps, cfms, and other environmental factors.

    What you're looking for is a good design, take that and improve it to your specifications. Personally, I like this one...

    DIY Drying Cabinet | SeedMine

    This one is alright, I personally don't like cardboard because of the mold factor
    Diy drying box with odor control

    ...I understand your dilemma, a lot of DIY tutorials I've come across are poorly done, or the builder has the wrong information, etc... you can usually tell within the first minute of a video if a guy knows his shit, noobs go on and on about the materials and supplies (prices, sizes, stores where it can be found, shit that doesn't actually affect the function of the build)... a veteran will explain WHY you need certain parts, and leave the bargain hunting up to you. Hit the "back" button as soon as you smell bullshit, check out the next build. Senior moderators are almost always a good source of diy tutorials.

    Good luck with your build, brother :smoke:
  3. im really digging the 1st box and long term i think i might just build me one like that... this link is the box design im going off of... ive talked to a few people who have used this one and they said they liked it... i just like to see different options...

  4. Looks decent, except for the price of course :p

    I'm wary of axial fans that claim 100+ cfms... unless they're 120mm under ideal conditions. For a carbon filter, I'd use a $14 bathroom exhaust fan from Home Depot. They're impeller fans and they've got some push to them (loud too). That's one in my growbox build, wouldn't go larger than that just for a drying box, I'd use 2 of them for exhaust before going with a centrifugal fan + filter (most expensive option)

    Personally, I don't like using shitty little axial fans, not enough airflow (duct boosters are just overpriced pc fans in a tube) If using a carbon filter you need some push.

    My thoughts... :bongin:
  5. yea thats my plan to replace the pc fan with a 4'' fart fan from the bath room exhaust

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