Drying and curing in hot climate. Need Advice.

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  1. This is my first harvest, so i have zero experience on the subject. The temps where i live can reach 28-30 degrees indoors. I'm not too worried about humidity since it usually stays around 50-60% which i think is fine, but from what i'v read online the temps are too high to dry or cure slowly and that can ruin the harvest. Aside for a/c, is there anything i could do to help slow down the drying process in such weather? I'm most likely going to fashion something out of a cardboard box to hang them, with a small pc fan to exhaust and circulate air. I'v also thought about leaving all the leaves on and trimming them after drying to help slow the process down. thoughts?
  2. Dark , cold, surrounded by moving , changing air. is the way to dry it (7 to 10 days) a "cure" takes weeks if not months and uses drying then storing kinda like cheese ages..etc.. once I dried a whole harvest on lines I strung above my head over my bed ...as it was the only place that met the needs mentioned above. if it was grown properly and flushed ...it will be good ....if not then ..it won't matter how you dry...it....watch for.mold and that's about it.


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  3. You could try cutting the plant at the soil and hanging the whole plant im sure the moisture in the stems slows the dry down but you may want to research that first :) good luck!

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