Drying a BIT diff this harvest.

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  1. Let em hangfor no.more than 3 days. I'm trying something new where I complete my drying n begin curing IN the jars after a short hang or till stems crease perfect to a 90° angle but don't snap. If it straightens right back out I think it's too moist still. So I been burping once daily. But every other day I leave my jars open in my dark closet till I get home from work. Started as an accident when I did it w my kushes. Got em super dank n smoother quick! I wanna do that for these hazes. I have 2 large metal latch jars, bout 2 n a half quarts each? and my 4 or 5 masons. 20161103_155639.jpg
  2. We get a local wind condition called a Santa Ana that blasts super dry desert air over the basin and out to sea.. The humidity drops into the single numbers and it was turning all my great smelling harvests to grassy smelling shit for the most part.. Even extended time in jars wasn't helping.. It took me a while but I did figure it out and your on the right track.. Slow dry was the key I needed..
    I wet trim as it's the best way to get all the crap off with every leaf standing tall.. Even a few minutes wait and they wilt more then I like.. So keep on trimming just seconds off the living plant.. It's the hang you have to shorten to just a day or 2.. I hang till the pop corn stiffens up.. Not the stem the Buds.. Play squeeze the Charmin with it and do NOT let it get to dry..
    Think of it like cooking meat.. To done is just that and you can't un-cook that lovely steak.. Can't un-dry that cannabis either.. Below 55 % humidity all curing process stop and won't restart.. It's a one time deal with no do-overs..
    My dirty hippy trim as my friend TTS calls it.. I'm old and don't have the hand for endless trimming and I'll hash 90% of it anyhow..
    hot dry garage hang only until the small stuff stiffens up.. 1 or 2 days most of the time but it can go longer if the humidity is high..
    While it's still on the very wet side I'll either glove and yank strip or snip off all the buds with grape scissors..
    It all gets placed in cut down paper shopping bags.. This lets me move it rapidly back and forth between the cans I use to slow the dry and the top of the washer and dryer I use during the day..
    The humidity jumped back up and this group spent about a day on the screen to firm up..
    After just about 6 hours it went back in the bags and in the can for the night.. I bought a couple of new trash cans for this and I try and size the can to the load.. I have an Ice Chest I use for smaller runs..

    I use several humidity gauges as they tend to be wildly off .. 2 or 3 of them and average the read..
    I'll either dig in and fluff the buds up by hand or dump them into another bag to keep things stirred up and drying evenly
    Your target is 65% after about 7 days.. Then I pack in 1/2 gallon mason jars with a 60 gram size.. 62 % humidity.. Boveda pack..
    And your done.. It's perfectly dried to the exactly cure range and the Boveda packs insure it stays on the mark.. No need to play the open and burp game with the jars..
    Just what I've worked out here on the Brass Pharm.. Your local conditions may need to tweak this as no two zones dry alike.. Shopping bags and Trash cans FTMFW.. Sorry but it did take a while and I plain ruined a ton of smoke figuring it out..
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  3. nice man! thanks for the in-depth answer! nice crop
  4. im in HUMID ass so flo though man , my ambient temps are like perfect for dry n cure lol
  5. good call on the averaging out gauge readings! smart dude
  6. Jus hit my roor filled w my haze got Me thinking. Lol. I work as a chef. N it's so funny how many kitchen terms fur EXACTLY w growing, same principle. Tryna get best product out of it ingredients. French term Mise en Pláce is great way to say do t jump the gun e out all your supplies at arms reach.. :) same idea w drying...
  7. Florida ?? I'd think you'd have the same conditions my buddy in southern Mississippi had.. Hot and Humid.. He broke all his stuff down into thumb sized nuggets as soon as it was trimmed and pulled all the screens off the house and laid it all out on sawhorses and screens then cranked the AC down as low as it would go for the drying effects and put a dozen fans out too..
    Was the only way he could beat the mold that always turned up in the big colas mid dry.. Gave up any hang time at all as it was just to humid..
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  8. I'm good curing great in ambient 54%
  9. My drying racks ambient was between 55- 59 constant. Tent was a lil lower, was gonna hang in dark tent my last 2 hazes I flushed THE SHIT out of. It is sooo smooth n I found ONE perfect femenized lightning bolted stray plump seed..

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