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  1. I'm going to start growing soon, and I have pretty much all th stuff I need now, save for a hydro unit. However, I keep hearing about dryers, and the company that I'm ging to get my unit from (BC Northern Lights) also offers a machine to dry your buds after harvest, so you don't have to spend weeks drying and curing manually. I've also head that dryers can reduce the flavour of grass, but I personally couldn't give two shits abou that. What I'm concerned about is any potential loss of potency. I haven't heard anything about this happening, but I need to know whether or not dryers could do this.
  2. The reason you try to dry slowly and cure properly is because when you do your herb gets so danky and potent and is the least harsh herb you've ever smoked.. now you can dry it in a dehydrator but your herbs will be harsh and cripsy most likely.. there is no need at all to get extra gear to dry herbs.. and it doesn't take 2-3 weeks to dry just to cure.. takes like 3 days to dry usually...
  3. You can buy a regular food dehydrator and be all dried in a couple hours. I find my PS2 is a awsome dryer. You just use the old ones with the expansion bay. Awsome air flow and you can dry about a O at a time(not good for big buds) but sample buds work awsome.

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