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dryer sheet weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by clee14hs, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. how do you feel about using dryer sheets to hide your weed with? I keep my weed in a small ziplock bag (usually a 1/2 oz), inside of a bigger ziplock bag packed with dryer sheets. I use this to cover the odor (although it would be very little, i usually have some good mids/fire though so it's a little more). How do you feel about that? Is it overkill? I live in a dorm so I'm usually pretty sketched out.

    Also, I feel it gives a definite taste to the weed that I don't mind (tastes like the dryer sheets smell) (I don't do this intentionally), it's very refreshing. What do you think?

    for those of you who wish to try it, I find snuggle sheets give it the best taste/smell...

  2. Oh god i remember long ago when my me and my friend smoked his stash it would taste like dryer sheets cause he hid the smell in them. Makes the taste like shit. I hated it and i told him to just get a fuckin pill box but NOOOO. dryer sheets were better to him
  3. dryer sheets with the weed? nah don't wanna be smoking some fucked up chemicals or anything, lol im just assuming its bad, anyone know for sure?
  4. Well it defiantly isn't good for you so lets just leave it at that.

    You can always use a mason jar man, that'll hide smell pretty darn good.
  5. I would think as long as it doesn't physically touch the weed it would be fine. This one guy I knew would soak his bud in Pine-sol to give it a different stronger smell, it was pretty fucked up.
  6. Yea, just get a jar.
  7. i hate it when my bud tastes like something else other than bud

  8. yeah except for the fact that I can't have a mason jar around if they search my room, i have a really good spot for my dryer sheet weed, thats impossible to find. a mason jar would be found easily. my roommates are snitches so I gotta be more carefull then a mason jar

    and trust me I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to
  9. get a miniature rubber sealed plastic jar. they have em at pretty much any department store.
    I've seen some that are the size of mini m&m's canisters. You could easily cut a hole in the side of your matress and slip that in there, then cover it up with a sheet. It'd be wayyyy easier to hide that your double bagged, weed-ruining dryer sheet stuff.

    just some food for thought.
  10. Get a pill bottle.

  11. This. The only time I would ever use dryer sheets in my weed affairs would be in a sploof.
  12. there's different sizes, you could get a wee one.

    hm. well you could always use 2 bags, keep one filled with dryer sheets and have your bud in a bag in the one filled with dryer sheets.

    pill bottles

    suddenly devote yourself to the principles of buddhism and use a fuckload of insence


    make food all the time

    have faith in jesus

    empty bottles

  13. What the fuck is up with them searching your room? Btw they make pretty small mason jars I'm sure you could find a rent-proof stash spot.
  14. Ummm.... dude just get a good container. I have little candy container that has a latched top and I close it up. Better then a bag. :smoke:
  15. nahhh man put it in a plastic bag or two and just wrap it in socks or something if you're worried of the smell.
  16. ^Dude, your sig is way too big, delete before you get an infraction.

    I've gotten weed that smells like dryer sheets before.

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