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Dry times. Fuck my life.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bud-tastic, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Been pretty much a daily smoker since February. Anyway, my town is DRYYYY. Seriously, I know EVERY kid who smokes/deals, and all the dealers are either at college, been fucked by the cops, or lost their source. To make things worse, there are 6 new cops in my town (as everybody knows, new cops SUCK.) I don't know what I'm gonna do, anybody got any ideas?

    FYI I've already tried asking basicly everyone I see if they know somebody.
  2. shit i feel you. my advice is to ask one of your boys for an out of town hook, make a little extra drive, and pick up a fat sack to avoid being dry for a few days. Or if you see consistent dryness, maybe learn to grow?

    Watch those new po though, they gotta meet that quota
  3. Gutted bro. Shit all you can do, cept maybe go round your city checkin out all the stoner spots and seein if you can spot any stoners who could help you out... like in my city there are a few spots where you wouldn't hang out unless you were baked off ur ass aye. So yeah, good luck man hope you find something
  4. Start growin your own.
  5. well figure there is a reason everyone is dry. 'new' cops, new month, new quota. dont smoke and let it ride, cause the herb will be back. Patience is a virtue
  6. I'm somewhat in the same boat. All I can find is mids. Once I;m done with what I have I'm taking a break till I find some good stuff, mids just don't cut it.
  7. Drive to another town maybe? Buy in bulk?
  8. grow your own
  9. stop smoking for a while, it will only benifit you.

    I dont mean mj is bad, but a tolerance break is only going to help you out....

    Dont let mj take over your life man, its not the end of the world if you cant smoke for a few days.... its only time.
  10. Im in the same boat brotha, No connects coming through. :( Just take it as it comes...forced tbreak....and we'll be lifted again in no time.
  11. how ironic that i have a lot of weed but don't smoke eh????
  12. I can vouch for the virtues of buying in bulk! I'm a dedicated stoner and have not been dry for years because I bite the bullet, do the necessary budgeting, and get a half ounce every few weeks. That way when there's something good around, you know you'll be enjoying the flavor for a nice long while. On top of that, when theres a drought with no end in sight, you can do like my buddy did and section off .3's of the skunk so you know for at least a month or two you'll be able to get high everynight. This stuff rewards you if you stick to it...I've been high every day of my life and only take breaks when I'm sick/on vacation!
  13. My town usually is pretty dry this time of year but once the harvest comes around I pick up a bunch of outdoor fire its pretty nice but I just buy like a zip of mids to hold me over til then
  14. are you addicted to weed or something.
  15. Shut up fool, everyones had a craving for a sac n people where dry. But anyways, im complete opposite, everyone i know i stocked, juss no money
  16. Become your own dealer maybe?
  17. Dude it's been almost a month...
  18. Yeah, that must be a bit rough. Missing out on one of the many pleasures of life.

    Fortunately, as we know, herb is non-addictive. So, if you haven't got any psychological issues, you'll be fine.
  19. a month is a long ass time man, you need to find a new guy in a hurry.

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