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dry time blues

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MickeyGreenthum, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. sooo...can't find shit in my area. the pigs have fucked everything up.
    any talk for inspiration? i can get a g here, a g there. I can get lucky to find an 8th
    but all it is here is a bunch of high school kids, paying 500 for an ounce, and then "gramming" it out at 25 a pop. I refuse to comply with this bullshit. and i'm on the edge
    of just quitting toking.

    it infuriates me that I can't find shit anywhere, and my boy's pay-as-you-go phone hasnt
    had money on it in two weeks. wtffffffff.
    it all goes back to the sheer fact that mary jane is illegal and for what reason?
    god damn am i pissed. initially I had the "dry time" blues, but now it's just full-fledged anger and confusion.

  2. Take the good with the bad man.. it happends.

    Next time you find some bud just make a bigger pickup as a little insurance policy that you dont let this happen again
  3. man i feel ya bro ive beeen in the same boat before if i could i would roll up a fatty and smoke one wit ya!
  4. i mean, i just hate wasting my money on that little shit. if i want to get high, i can. but it's definitely going to cost me. i can't get more as insurance either cuz i don't got that deniro, ive already been chippin out of it to get me high!

    argg... i cant' wait to leave VA, have my own place and be able to grow my shit. then i'm going to sit, and hide in a dark room all by myself with pounds to smoke to the face.
  5. Grow your own.
  6. $25 a g a my school and it sux. I'm home for the summer now and I finally found a good connect.
    I also hate it when u find someone but they are jerks about selling to you. The high school kids around here have crap for quality too.
  7. are you at villanova cause i live real close and its definetely not dry
  8. Gawd I hate that. All I can say is that as you get older, the weed gets better, the friends that smoke give you a better deal, you can afford all the weed you want and you never, ever, ever have this sheit happen, ever . . . sorry bro, I'd smoke the shit outta my stash if I lived near you . . .
  9. i used to pay 25$ a gram when i was in my freshman year.. that shit SUCKED.

    either get a good hookup or stop buyin if your so sick of it man, but juust try to go along with it till you get your own guy with a good price. you might find yourself fiending and trust me, when youve blown all ur dealers off and they dont wanna sell to you, you get mad FAST.
  10. A- Do this. ^
    B- Go to the nearest large city or downtown area and find some green. (it's everwhere, just look)
    C- Enjoy being dry as a tolerance break.
  11. just chill out nd meet new people.


    when i was in high school my 9th grade year was absolutely amazing.

    i hhung wit the rite people and paid 10$ a g for headies/"dro"/

    15$ for blueberry nd shit

    then they graduated and i was stuck with 20$ a g shit LOL
  12. WTF ?! ogres for 500 ????

  13. lol youd be surprised
  14. $25 a gram is just absurd to me. I've never paid more than $15, but most dealers around here hook up a gram of good stuff for $10 flat
  15. A dime for me cost $7. (Mids)

  16. A dime costs ten dollars.

  17. #17 tabbit, Jun 3, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 3, 2009
    dude i'm nearly in your position and have been for almost a year. and it's not cause it's dry, it's just cause every one of my connects is fucking retarded. never check their phones, ever. don't call or text back if they can/can't do it that day, ever. i'm lucky if i get any response and that's cause i bet i got them while they were talking on their phone. it's starting to really piss the shit out of me, i don't care if they can hook me up or not but i'd sure as hell appreciate a fuckin reply if they can or can't. cause otherwise i'm just gonna think you're an asshole - all day.

    it's to the point where i either need to start trying to get bulk from these connects, grow my own, or quit. those are my only options. i just don't like flaky connects because the way i see it, if i was in their position i'd be doing things a bit differently.
  18. damn idk what you guys are doing, a dime for me costs 10 cents:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :(
  19. If you're still buying on the street make sure you have more than one contact for those occasions.
  20. i appreciate the advice gentlemen and ladies.
    however, these are all the things i'm stuck with.
    i cant grow here, however i'm about to honestly look into it. Is it too late in the season though?
    my boys are doing the same shit. won't call or respond, and no shit is getting done.
    and at this point, quitting is looking like my best option...

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