dry soil..

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    this might sound silly bcos i already know the anser i think lol eneway do the lights dry up the soil or is it the plant whats soakin it up so fast ? i hear u should water every other day n beleive me i try but every morning it looks so damn dry i just HAVE to water and im not sure if this is a good thing.. any advice ?
    another quick question but on a completely diferent subject lol.. on posts i see ppl's name then there own picture i uploaded a pic but when i see my posts theres no pic.. can u guys see my pic ? if not any help lol
  2. Its a bit of both bro, just stick you're fingre an inch down if its dry water if not leave it! Also can't see you're avatar try again lol.

  3. lol cheers pal.. alwaays the first to give a quick response unbelievably appreciated mate..
  4. he has no life! ONLY JOKING MELS!

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