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  1. hey guys, curious what your thoughts on dry, regular "spoon" pipes vs a water filtration pipe is.

    I like to smoke using a heated up wand to light my bud so I can get the best taste, and make what I have last the longest. I use both a dry and water fil. pipe, and have noticed the flavor on a dry piece is waaay better than a water fil. piece, but the high is alot stronger from a water piece.

    anyone else ever notice this? which do you prefer?
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    Yes. I have noticed that. The flavor comes through even more in a joint. If you smoke for flavor, try a vape. They are the best for flavor. I prefer an ice bong because I smoke for THC content and euphoria.
  3. I will always use a bong with water. the only time I will use a piece dry is a bowl because obviously there is no place for water. however i will almost always use ice in the bong if i can because it is cool enough where I can keep hitting it without stopping because it is hot. 
  4. It depemds. Im 100% for water over dry, but it is a nuicence sometime. A year ago i was doing extremly well(still am) but was a really good time in my life. I consitered my self a bud conosour, and my bong tastes way better than bowls. Maybee its because i clean it frequently, just try that. Get ebson salt and highest concentration of iso and some lemon juice, i litterally have spotless pieces, its a nuasance, but most deff worth it

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  5. smoked outta my dry pipe last nite, got high assss fugh but anywho if you take a large rip off any piece you will taste the bud. I have a bomb.com homemade bong I have been using for 2+years and I can clearly taste the herb if its a large enough hit
  6. bowls have a special place in my heart and are way more portable, but bongs get me ripped

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  7. I think with dry pipes the high can come on faster but it doesn't last as long as with a bong. And you really can't beat cold water filtration in terms of smoothness. Also mini bubblers are a great combination of the two, convenient in size but they still have some filtration to them.

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  8. I have never gotten as high with a pipe as I have with a bong, I guess just because the size of the hit? I feel like one bowl out of a pipe is good if you have shit to do, but a bong bowl can knock you out if you're like me and have a low tolerance.
  9. If you hand me that dry pipe ill proceed to throw it in any general direction. Dry pipes are terrible, cant stand that shit. Harsh smoke, hot smoke, small rips....naaaaaa I think ill take that water filtration any day of the week. Literally havent touched one of those pipes in about 7 months, and thats because a friend of mine would only smoke me up out of his dry pipe....in my house.....where there is 10 waterpipes.....I will never understand some ppl. His excuse "bongs get me too fucked"...
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    You can take huge rips with any piece... you just have to be man enough...  :devious:  and man enough to not be embarrassed when you cough for 20 minutes drooling everywhere with snott coming out of every orifice..  :ey:
    Anyone can make a cloud with a bong. but you can still pack half gram chillum bowls and toast it in one hit. It's about the amount of herb you're burning at a time not the piece you use. It honestly is hard to deal with huge rips from pipes and chillums, but if you can deal with it there's nothing better.
    The high comes on faster with a bong because you toast so much at once, where as with a bowl you usually chill on it for a bit.
    I pack big bowls and try to take as big of hits as i can, but i never kill myself. If you're coughing you're not really enjoying yourself. It's so much nicer to exhale and feel that relaxation flow through you then exhale and feel your lungs burn and your body tense up... it's not worth it.
    I prefer my bubbler. I like pipes because of the feel in my hand, and the portability, but i like the smoke to be cool so i can take huge rips. Bubblers are perfect.

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