Dry on my birthday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KraziHare, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Yesterday (Sep. 7th, 19 years old!) was my birthday, and I couldn't get high the whole time. The 6th I had about an 1/8th of a quarter of shwag, and a friend of mine told me he could hook me up with an oz. so I went over and we smoked the rest of my shwag while he tried to get ahold of someone (I would have toked up with him whether or not he was getting me marijuana btw). So after a couple hours of calling people we finally got going to someone's house in the hopes of finding some herb. First of course we got some food and tried to find a place to toke up, there were only a couple bowls of weed left and we knew there were too many people at the house we were going to for everyone to get high off of it. After looking around for half an hour and almost getting caught by a cop (he drove by, looked at us, and left) we found someplace and toked. So anyways, we get to this house a while later and go inside with these people I didn't know, it was weird though, because out of five people that my friend claimed always had weed no one had any. So after getting to know these people a bit better over my last bowl of weed (yeah, it wasn't a lot for seven people) we started calling everyone we knew to try to get some more. After about 25 seperate calls I ended up going to the house of some other dude that I didn't know, with someone I just met to buy weed (we were that desperate after a few hours of failure) we got there and this dude was actually pretty nice, he had some weed, but it was the shittiest dirt weed i've ever seen, he even suggested we didn't buy it from him because he was ripped off really bad. Nothing but leaves and stems, and tiny specks of bud. He called and complained to his dealer and he actually had the nerve to tell him "Well, you should smoke the buds and not the leaves, it got me high."
    After stopping at another dealers that was nearby who didn't have any either we went back to the original house only to find that no one there had had any luck while we were gone. Finally my friend and I left and I went home. then, two hours before my birthday I found out that my only shwag dealer (who's kinda shady anyway) is going to fucking Texas for five days to see Ozzfest (five days for one concert?), and this is a couple weeks after my best dank dealer moved to California. So now it's almost 2 am on the 8th and I didn't get high once on my birthday. My dealer's gone, and there's a horrible dry spell around here right now. My sister (thank god) just shared a couple bowls with me and I do have a surplus of money now that I've gotten presents from everyone. So It's not too bad.
    Seeya, this rant's over.
  2. sounds horrible man, but when things like this happen usually when you end up getting some weed its good and you'll get blown outta your mind. Hope things turn out good

    P.S. Happy Birthday Man
  3. danks :)
    Actually I'm feeling much better now, a friend of my got some nugs from his sister (she got married on my birthday btw) and I think I might be able to get a new shwag hookup.

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