Dry Ice?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by redeyedtiss, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Currently 4th season growing, first indoor experience. I was wondering if anyone had tried this. CO2 tanks are bulky, expensive, required a timing pump and hard to hide. I am just starting new plants. I was thinking of keeping my plants inside a 1 to 2 ft foot deep plastic bin and Everyday put a very small piece of dry ice in a cup of water. Would this increase in CO2 allow for faster growing of the seedlings? Would this be a better idea for flowering. I noticed that "I Grow Chronic" uses the CO2 tank for flowering. Just an Idea let me know what you guys think.
  2. Not worth the effort or cost. If you're going to to CO2, do it right with a CO2 tank and regulator.

  3. Ive used dry ice before in my grow room......it is kind of a waste of money becasue you have to buy it all the time and you cant really regulate it but yes it will put co2 in your grow room and if your only growing in a small container i think just putting a small amount in the box will give them extra Co2 but you dont need to put it in water just wrap it in card board or put it in a small match box and poke holes in it. It turns straight to Co2 if you had water it will evaperate faster and it could burn your plants......only use it during the light on period.......When i used it i didnt use it all the time i would just put like a pound in there every other week just to give it a lil boost of Co2 i have no proof that giving C02 randomlly once a week even helps what so ever i just did it more so i would feel better but if you want to get real about the Co2 then dryice is not really the way to go but if you just want to introduce some C02 and hope that is might do something then go for it it WONT HURT them and since you cant regulate it just through a bunch in there.

  4. Agree.

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