Dry Ice Kief Extraction - Pressed into Hash

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  1. Decided to make some hash with all the kief i extracted using the dry ice method.

    i got over 2 ounces of kief from trim off of 3 plants.

    All you need to do this is: dry ice, gloves (for the dry ice), trim, a bucket and a silk screen bag or material. you can pick some up at a fabric store.

    I did a 1st run through the silk screen and a second run through my kief box.

    after gathering all the kief i get to work on the pollen press. Fill it up, crank it down and add some fire to it with a butane torch light for about 10 seconds.

    this method is very effective. took me 3 hours to get well over 2 ounces of press hash. and i still have a ton of kief left over that i was too tired to keep pressing.

    You should all give this a go with your left over trim. it is well worth it! :wave::smoke:

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  2. were can you find dry ice

  3. depends on where you live. i live in the united states and when i was in california they sold it in supermarkets in big blocks. Now where i live in new york, i had to go to a specialty store to get some because supermarkets don't carry it.

    super cheap though, got 5 pounds for $6.00.
  4. dam that shit looks good bro!
  5. yea i live in Michigan but idk were they sell it lol
  6. That kief looks mighty good bro...good to see a fellow ny'er here!!
    :smoke: :wave: but yea man I cnt seem to find dry ice out here...where'd u go???
  7. if its gonna be anywhere check places like corner stores (Circle K, 7/11, uhh idk what you guys have lol) and grocery stores, just ask anyone who works there

  8. I live near rochester...i had to go to a specialty store to get it. Look for a chemical store in your area.


  9. it really depends on where you live dude. If he's asking where to get some, chances are they aren't just selling it at the supermarket and definately not at corner stores. There has to be some kind of market for it and there's just not enough people buying dry ice often enough for them to have on deck year round.

    It was a real pain in the ass when i stopped at 4 different supermarkets and 2 liquor stores looking for dry ice, wondering why it wasn't there like back home. In california, you could go into any Albertsons supermarket any time of the year and they would have a freezer full of blocks of dry ice.

    Not the same story for New York states, and probably a lot others :smoke:
  10. [quote name='"briwes911"']yea i live in Michigan but idk were they sell it lol[/quote]

    Where in Michigan? I live in south east and know a few places.
  11. how did it turn out though man would it compare to some bubble hash or some qwiso it doesnt look that fine but i bet its still dank. im about to harvest for the first time so i have been doing tons of research on all this lemme know what you think
  12. welding shop are usually a good place to look for dry ice
  13. the mejier at 13 and little mack has a dry ice bin right by the regular ice bin. its a little pricier then most people say it should be (1.68/lb), but its the only place ive found it in the area.

    I like to use this method with my bubble bags. makes it so i dont have to buy a 80$ keif box from the douche's at the head shop lmao
  14. Go to mijiers my Michigan people they got 5lb bags for like. 5 bucks
  15. Man I'm glad to see more and more mi growers here makes me feel like I'm Part of a movement lol
  16. I'm gonna be using dry ice in my kief box. This may be a dumb question but will the dry ice affect the silk screen it has?
  17. If you are in Michigan ...Meijer usually carries dry ice...it is expensive tho. Lansing area has "Quality Dairy" the main warehouse sells is cheap, but the business hours suck.
  18. I live in the quebec city area in Canada, and dry ice is impossible to find... :(  the only place I found sold it at 40$ for 40lb bloc... Like I need that much!!

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