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  1. I've searched far and wide but it seems as soon as I find my answers I roll down another hill of confusion because another article contradicts all the research I had preformed. So heres my disclaimer: I am a 22 year old man not a kid living at home with mother and father trying to hide my weed I utilize it for personal medical purposes that deal with pain and sleep apnea, that being said I'm not trying to find something to smoke in my room and not get caught.

    Now the actual questions:

    1) My wife approves of my marijuana use, but she hates the smell and I don't like it much either, I am not looking for the absolute no-smell magical vaporizer that every 14 year old child seems to be in search of, I would like a recommendation for the least smelly option that still utilizes my bud in a good amount very preferably in dry herb form.

    2) With the question above seeming like its the most important this is actually much more predominant to me personally. Currently I am using a Grenco G-slim rechargeable, what a terrible choice.. I know its probably the biggest piece of crap "vaporizer" i've ever used. Anyway I hate how when I use it, and it cools off, I clean it, wash it.. It stinks.. The pen itself just STINKS its like I'm carrying around a half smoke cigarette not even joint because the dang thing tars up cannabis like crazy.

    So..what vape smells the least?
    What doesn't smell preferably at all in regards to the device itself not the aroma of the vapors?
    And keeping all this in mind I want good quality, good use of bud, and I want to actually GET HIGH.
  2. smoke it, outside then dang.. ive never met someone who smokes that doesnt like the smell..
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  3. Misconception: i dont like the way it smells on my person, i love the taste and smell. That was my bad i should have been more clear.

    And i do infact smoke outside
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  4. try a vape with oil
  5. Oooooo Magic Flight Launch Box is the best. It is 125$ and works better than my friend's Pax 2 which is a lot more money. It looks so weird for a vaporizer, and I almost bought a Pax, but I decided to go out on a limb and buy the MFLB. Best decision ever!! I really can not recommend it enough.

    I personally use it for health(smoke is horrible for you) and stealth reasons. So even though you aren't looking to hide from parents(or in my case a crazy Christian fundamentalist cop-loving housemate), it does work really well for stealth. I've vaped in my bedroom with the door shut and window closed with her walking up and down the hallway, and she never noticed. I don't do it often(as I said nothing is smell free) but I've done it before.

    No vape is smell-free, but this one is the closest I've seen(or smelled per say). It also has a lifetime warranty, and if you go on the website it has tons of mods and you can customize what wood its made out of and the plastic front.
    The taste is also great. No dirty plastic or chemical taste.

    Good luck on your journey brother

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