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Dry Herb Vaporizing vs Joint

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheSwissStoner, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Hello Guys,

    So I was wondering what's more effective/cheaper to get high on.
    So far I've been smoaking joints and I use between 0.3-0.5g for a joint, which is enough to get me high for like 3-4h (mixed with tabacco). I only use the tabacco so that I use less marijuana => I save more money

    Anyways, I was wondering how much weed you need to vaporize for the same effects. Also a joint you can share and it's enough for at least two people (with 0.3-0.5g), how would that work out with a dry herb vaporizer?

    Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. gl with an answer. people like me get off on a couple stems so it's hard to tell

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  3. I see how everybody has a different tolerance, but are you able to give me like an average. Like how much do you have to vaporize on average to get high?
  4. I personally prefer my vaporizer to a joint any day, alotta times I only pack the trench of my pax between 1/4 and 1/2 full and can get myself and one or 2 others decently medicated off it. Never weighed it out to see how much it weighed though. Plus as a kinda bonus you can use abv for making edibles and tincures

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  5. Thanks a lot. Could you perhaps give me a rough guess of how much that approximately would be though?
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  6. 2gs with a vape gives me that trippy slow mo vision and it hits crazy fast. not like a joint where u gotta wait

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  7. Well that slow-mo means you're really high. But 2g sounds like a lot, compared to the 0.5g in a joint...
  8. .5 still gets me beyond blazed. I cant speak for everyone though

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  9. Ok, thanks a lot!
  10. I'd say .3-.5 grams but next time I pack it up (which will prolly be tonight ) I'll weigh it and let you know

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    You'll still smoke around the same amount either way... and cheap vapes aren't very enjoyable imo so unless you plan on dropping some $$& on a nice brand name vape I wouldn't do it... the cost of the vape would be better off spent towards bud... smoking .5 between two people is already a nice conservative dose going any lower especially with a cheap vape will only disappoint

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  12. I've used both quite a bit and the dry herb vaporizer has advantages but like many people are saying it's different for each person, I can get high off about the same amount of weed from either one. But smoking a vaporizer is not nearly as satisfying as a joint.
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  13. I had recently tried vaping. I do think that vaping is more cost-effective but I personally didn't experience the same high. I can't say if one is better than the other, it is definitely a taste/what you are used to thing.

    Also, take a read at this article you may find it relatable
    Weed convection vaporizer -
  14. I would think if combusting .3 - .5 grams does the job for you.....that vaping it would too. It does taste and "hit" me at least....but the amount doesn't really change......from my experience
  15. I vape and smoke joints. Vaping get me higher than a joint but, with vaping you can save material and make edibles out of it.
  16. I used to smoke a lot of blunts but now I’ve been smoking concentrate lately

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  17. Vaping weed oil

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