dry-herb vape eats through my weed

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  1. i have this dry-herb vape which is cool but really now days i only use it in-place of a pipe initially i was just being lazy but if its clean it actually hits smooth and its not as rough as a pipe and it actually picks up some of the gunk from the smoke maybe it helps maybe it doesn't but eh.

    okay but not the point, sometimes i whip out the actual vaporizing part and use it but every time in recent memory that i've used it if found my weed gone and my self still sober. really i just assume im doing something wrong it was fine at first and my tolerance isn't any higher it doesnt have like multiple heat settings or anything.

    i have this cone its length is the diameter of a nickle so i'm really not working with much. i can either hope I don't fuck up the burn or put it into the vaporizer and hope i don't burn it all away before i get high. so tips? which do you think would be the safer route? should i stop worrying and just fucking smoke my shit?
  2. boiling-points-of-cannabinoids-infographic.jpg
    what temp are you vaping at ...?
  3. shiii honestly never thought of it and it never said so when i was looking at specifications n shi. the only information i can give is that it was performing fine when i first used it and i had to heat it up for a good ~8 seconds before i could get any draw from it

    edit: honestly sorry but i dont have anything to check atm either
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  4. which one you got
  5. It doesn’t have multiple heat settings? I switched to dry herb vapes. Mine can be adjusted from 200-480F. I find the flavor is better and the amount I use is about the same as smoking a bowl. And it has the same effects. There’s so many different vapes, but if you get a cheap one that could be causing that.
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  6. sorry for the late reply but i'm not sure of the brand as it was a gift from my mom and i throw away boxes willy nilly but on the bottom it says "evolve"
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  7. The Yocan evolve? If so, I would invest in a desktop unit for flower. Something like a vaporbrothers, ditanium, volcano or ball vape if you have a bit more cash to spend.
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  8. hahahaha they're quite expensive definitely not my market right now as i have to replace my moms rather expensive percolator i very regrettably accidentally broke during one of our smoke sesh (i literally almost shat my pants infront of her) but really solid suggestions none the less, never heard of them and i look forward to buying one, thanks!
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  10. I have a to go Youcan Hit dry herb vape and it’s a rare combo of cheap and awesome. It works really good for the price. I really don’t notice a huge difference between my at home and on the go vape as far as effectiveness. The main thing it doesn’t provide is the same quality of flavor. And it’s hard to clean. But I got mine for $37.50.

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