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Dry for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BearKush, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. It sucks I was meant to pick up an Oz of some dank today for £190. Dealer never text back (assumed he was busy) Asked around couple of other connects but everyone was dry!

    So who else is dry this holiday?
  2. I got jipped last night and got a quarter of some dirt ass dank. I guess u can call it mids :(:(:(

    Better than nothing I guess
  3. I am drier than the desert this holiday season.
  4. that sucks, december is when everybody is getting good shit and selling fat sacks where i live
  5. Around me. Everyone taxing. Ppl get money this time of year so dealers tax. I would but I'm not like that. 75 a 8th too ridiculous. If I was dealing again I'd do 8th for $35. Ill be like a hemp Santa baring special gifts. Lol but I have a nug or 2 left. Calling my dude right now to re up. Hope he not busy with family lol uh oh starting worry.

  6. Quite the opposite. 4g sour diesel, 4g chem dawg, and 2 grams of some middy sour diesel which I'm going to pack some fat vapor bowls of tonight when I get back from the family celebrations.
  7. I've been dry for 3 days now, but I'm supposed to have a half zone of Alaskan Thunderfuck delivered tonight
  8. ^ Half "Zone"? You mean Oz?

    I'm not home and only thought to bring a packed bowl and my empty grinder with a decent amount of kief. Haven't smoked since saturday, but I think I will tonight because my insomnia kept me up staring at the ceiling for 5 hours last night..hoping I either get a bit of a tolerance break and I can make one bowl last 2 days (usually takes me one full bowl to get me to my happy place) or I can smoke it down tonight to like one hit left then empty my kief stash tomorrow.

    Either that or I somehow find a hookup in a city where I don't know anyone besides family (and only my cousins's boyfriend and MAYBE my cousin know I smoke and smoke too, but not often I don't think).

  9. Urban Dictionary: zone

    Maybe it's just terminology we use in my area but yes a zone = an ounce. I knew when I typed that somebody was going to question what it meant.
  10. never heard it, thanks for the knowledge!
  11. this is the first time in a while im not dry, just picked up an eighth of some nice buds. happy holidays :smoke:
  12. im blessed right now, got like 25 grams of dank still from the OZ i picked up last weekend.

    also got a .5 of some nice bud as a gift today from a family friend.
  13. Brought a pipe from my friend for $15 and he threw in a gram or two of mids.
  14. Dry as fuck, and I am hardly ever dry, but I have so much shit tomorrow, so it doesn't even bother me.
  15. sorry to all the peeps that wont be blazin one!

    picked up a quarter of some fine pinapple kush the other day. this tokes for you guys
  16. Dude kept me waiting for like, 2 hours just for some fuckin mids. Then he had the fuckin nerve to show up after I left my friends house. I hate being dry.
  17. i tend to find its usually harder to find bud around christmas/new years. Doesnt mean theres none i just find USUALLY its a bit harder. Happened to me last year, this year im prepared!

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