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  1. hey all I’m interested in smoking my flower a different way, have normaly smoked in Buckie or bongs and joints, wanting something that looks low key when kids see it the odd time instead of having a big rip on the bong, I’m a heavy smoker so something that can take the hits
  2. Do you trip if the kids see you with a drink? Talk with them about it instead of hiding it?
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  3. Buy a vape that way you can just tell your kids it's a vape for nicotine not weed :confused_2: just make sure you keep it out the reach of them lol

    You could also make @BrassNwood hash caps.. I'd say they're discrete enough for your kids to think you're just taking your medication :confused_2::smoke:
  4. Daddy. Your Vitamins make your eyes red and you act funny.

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  5. Im in the same situation. I say its about time over due that is. People need to except the fact that cannibus is a better medical alternative to pills. Cannibus is not a stair step. Cannibus has been villianized (is that a word lol) Cannibus is so much safer than alcohol in so many ways. My Gson is 12 and busted me with my mighty wanting to know what it is..Im almost to the point of educating him.
  6. Have a personal space or room maybe where you can lock yourself so your kids won't see. But also don't let them know what you are doing inside-look for an alibi.
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