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Dry bud is good?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DigitalSwag, May 11, 2011.

  1. A week ago I bought an oz of weed. (This was the first time I picked up this much FYI so I am inexperienced.) It was pretty dry and it didn't even have a strong smell to it. I was told by my friends that the drier the bud the stronger it would be so I took it home and smoked it. I got pretty ripped off of one joint between 3 people. However I am still curious why this shitty looking bud got me pretty ripped, so is dry bud more stronger than bud that is sticky and more fresh?
  2. Not typically, no.
  3. depending on what you're conception of fresh is, there are several answers to this question.. easiest way to explain this would be to take you through from harvest to baggy. 1 cut the plant, let it air dry for a week or so. 2 or more things happen from here depending on the product. brick weed is packaged from the air dry stage. good weed goes into a mason jar for another month or so to properly cure.. if its harsh on your throat it isnt dry enough.
  4. The quality of the bud does not come from how the grower cured it.
    I've smoked some wet bud that I like more than some dry'er.
    Judge for yourself.
  5. More dry bud is harsher when you hit, but does not get you higher.
  6. Goes either way dry and sticky bud will be dank sometimes though weed is just didgusting but dry soi feel the stickier buds taste better and more smooth IMO thus rising above dry
  7. Yes dry bud is what you're looking for. You get what you pay for on the scale instead of water weight from not being cured properly. Moist bud is more harsh, because of the moisture being lit on fire and inhaled..
  8. If u want it to gain some moisture back throw a few orange peels in your sack.

  9. Will this seriously work? Will it harm my bud? Sorry I don't mean to doubt you I'm sure no one on this forum likes to ruin their weed. ;)

  10. It would work but why the fuck would you want too?
  11. It does work, it's a tactic used by some shady dealers to add more weight to their product
  12. It only makes it wetter, there isn't any enhancement to the weed?
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    A couple pieces of freshly cut carrot sticks in your sack works as well and will not give it a citrus smell or taste. My buddies father gets his herb sent from Jamaica in brick. He puts a chunk in a small tupperware container with a couple *****s of carrot in order to add a little moisture so it fluffs back up easier. I do this when I over dry my plants.
  14. pics are good, that could help us determine whether you have danks or mids. a joint of mids would get me high i wont lie, but a joint of chronic will get me much, much, more high.

    ive bought weed thats super dank and is dry, so it really doesnt matter. what matters is the quality, cause good bud can be sticky or dry. in the perfect, ideal world, when you buy weed it will be a little damp but not too much.
  15. Im really curious to what you put there that got censored
  16. #16 Highend1, May 11, 2011
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    Chunks of carrot Maybe it accidentally said chunks but with an "I" instead of a "u"
  17. I lol'd.

    As for putting a slice of orange, or few racist terms of carrots (jk man, jk): I would be careful how long you leave those in there. I've heard that leaving these in with your weed too long can cause mold to appear. Not sure if it's true, as I've never tried it, but I would rather smoke dry bud than moldy bud.

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