drunkin mess

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  1. Don't you just love findin 100 dollers in liquor call your buddys up
    then someone pukes all over you/your stuff then
    You gotta wash em up like a 2 year old....Fuck My Life.
  2. gross. i left my buddy covered in puke and passed out in a pile of puke at a party in the yard.
  3. fuck that, I let my friends puke outside the bars then sit in it

    it's surprising how often that happens
  4. How do you find 100 dollars worth of liquor?
  5. yall some shitty friends least get them on there side next to a toilet

    just fucked leving in there own puke
    specailly cause those friends think you have there back and they dont can you even call them your friends?
  6. haha I've been left in my own puke enough times to know it's every man for himself

    besides, it's not like I leave them there alone. I just wait with them and laugh/take pictures
  7. Lol when i was 15 me and my friend drank a fifth or whiskey and passed put the place we were chilling , we woke up and there were pukespots everywhere in my room and including my friends legs lol
  8. wow iv never been left in a mess of my own puke iv always carreid my friends they always carried me to least get the puked cloths off n leave me in the bathroom with some bread and laying on my side with a toilet man im keeping these guys close to me rest my life
  9. I'm talking about puking at the bar, aint no bread for anyone there haha

    I'll buy em a cab if they're really fucked up, but my buds can handle there liqour generally
  10. honestly iv never been legal age drink in the bar but! next month ill legally be allowed so i wont have to hide my drinks behind the older ladies backs no more maybe itll make the diffrence and ill exp an pickeldsmurf night and god grant me the memory to be drunk screaming pickledsmurf on my 21st lol
  11. haha when I was sleep walking drunk in Amsterdam my friends dragged me along I passed out everytime we stopped.. :laughing:

    This guy I know had to take a shit when he was really fucked up and he had some trouble wiping his ass.. shit everywhere, and some chick wiped his ass for him :laughing:
  12. I dont understand folk like that...

    "drunk or sober son, dont lose your composure" - The RZA
  13. That would never happen to me. My mother used to put moonshine in my bottle.
  14. haha I guess I gained my tolerance the hard way lol, just by drinking and getting way too fucked up.. oh yeah and being in america for a couple weeks some months ago.. I was on vacation so I don't want to just sit around and weed is so damn expensive I nearly became an alcoholic :eek:

    I can drink just about anything now a days..
  15. I don't have friends. So I drink the Hundreds worth and puke all i want. :cool:
  16. I love chillen at home taking shot after shot while playing call of duty. then i just fuck with the xbox live kids
  17. add me bro for real i do that too. OG GLOCK 2
  18. [quote name='"TYRELHAHA"']

    add me bro for real i do that too. OG GLOCK 2[/quote]

    Haha aight imma do that
  19. quit judging me about how i treat my friends you wouldn't know you idiotic idiot. i didnt literally leave him i was 15ft away playing pong lol.

    he did it to me once too, i was face down in steak and pasta puke and 16 beers. i think i got alcohol poisoning that night.. that night was hell.. so intoxicated and had to shit so bad.. i slept in a tiny shed with my head on one lawn chair and my feet on the other with my ass half naked hanging down between the two. lmao
  20. It just sucks dick when you're the one puking all over the place. Gotta find your limit to stay nice and fucked up but not vomiting, and fuck people that try to get u to keep drinking

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