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  1. Saturday Night.

    Im fucing drunk as fuck.

    Drank 9 beers.

    Drank a pint and 2 more shots of whiskey.

    That all together is about 23ish beers. Thas enough to be fucking wasted beyond belief.

    Ive ate food too help come down from the drunk. Then id come close to sober and take a 3-4 shots and drink 2-3 beers and get trashed again. Then eat and repeat.

    I havent smoked much today.

    I smoked 3 blunts with the family today. (4 heads.) And drank 2 brews. Then i smoked a blunt with my aunt. Then later my cousin came by and we matched a blunt. I guess i did smoke a reg amount then now that i rmereber. But ive smoked like 5 bowls now since like 9:30 and its 10:56. Im ready to gon to sleep. Im so fucked up. I took a xany bar to get extra fcuked up.

    Im store up from the floor up.

    So drunk, So high. So jus not sober and jus so perfect. I love it.

    Who else is so tore up and jus in a peaceful, Nothing can harm you, Realm?
  2. Im fuckin blaaaaaazeddddd man
  3. i hate alcohol. but i know the feeling as i used to drink.
  4. fuckin sweet ksr..hell yeah
  5. yeah KSR! last night i was at my house and it broke out into an instant party and i was CRUNK!
  6. i was drunk earlier today man, hell yea.i drink boonesfarm like its soda. five bottles and i was buzzing good.

    now im debating whether to smoke. mmm
  7. awesome, 5 beers 5blunts smokin' one now
  8. This thread made me bust out the wine. Im set for my night, chips, weed, and wine. Bleh, w/e
  9. you are the best drunk typer i have ever seen KSR :D

    i'm not drunk but ive had a few beers with some oxycodone so its all chill
  10. Make sure you drink some water so you're hangover isn't as severe
  11. I ripped a few bowls out the new bong with a friend....fuckin blaaaazedddd!
  12. Although I dont drink as often as I used to typing drunk becomes way easier with practice.

    I got home from work about an hour ago, nicely blazed now. About to chill and watch a movie.

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