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  1. i pretty drunk right now. what are some of yalls drunk stories?
  2. one time i got drunk then threw up

    true story
  3. one time i got drunk then threw up

    true story
  4. one time i got drunk then threw up

    true story
  5. I have also gotten sick off of alcohol, pretty much the only drug that's made me sick.

    Once after drinking too much tequila and vodka I had an out-of-body experience. I was seriously watching myself have a conversation, very strange.

    Since that night the smell of tequila has always made my stomach turn.
  6. Eh... Ive gotten drunk and walked of a bridge.

    Umm... Thrown up in a library. Gotten fired from McDonalds for being drunk at work.

    Drinking and me have a problem. I stay away from it.
  7. Drunk now.
  8. still drunk
  9. (*title* Drunk~) me too. party with 4 people, 2 18 cases of, sadly, busch, and a 12 pack of of miller high life, none left
  10. damn i love drinking it just relaxes me
  11. One time I got really drunk and then... er... fuck... I can't remember shit man.
  12. im drunk right now as a matter of a fact. :cool:
  13. i love drinking, worst experience[in my oppinion] was i got really drunk for one of my first times[back when I was 16], blacked out. i guess i was calling my sister a coke head, and yellin at her to make me some food. Then she denied it, so i guess i wanted revenge or i just couldnt find the bathroom, and peed all over my moms paper work. yeah... fun having my mom ask me why i peed all over her shit.
  14. Huge lolz to be had.

    That must've been 10X worse with the hangover as well big guy.

  15. I drank, then got dizzy and my speech was slurred, then I tipped over. I got up, threw up and passed out on the floor. Fin.
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

    if we get more posts like that then this thread has great potential.

    I don't have anything good, except I got drunk and felt like tipping EVERYBODY. Then we went to Mickie D's (drivethrough) and the total was like 11.xx and I gave my sister the 20 and told her to tell the lady to keep the change. She was like "You want her to keep the change?" and I was like "Wtf no"

    ...all i got.
  17. i havent had a good night of drinking in a while...i kind of miss it lol..being wasted..

    once i drank...and i didnt remember anything after that...

    true story
  18. well i was drunk at a highschool football game and i thought the game was over and thats when everybody runs on the field so i took my shirt off and started running on the field turned out it was only halftime:(
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    your shit was laced my friend...
  20. hahahaha forsure, like all the kids, when I was 16, at high-school saying they always get laced weed. They were trippin'.

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