Drunk Vs. High

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  1. I don't know about you guys but i like being drunk more.
  2. I prefer getting high over drunk since my father was a alcoholic and I'm scared that it was passed on to me through genetics. I do drink though but not often.
  3. I'm going to go neutral because both are fantastic feelings, and hangovers and headaches with drinking can be avoided simply by drinking water.

    But if i HAD to vote on one i'd choose high just for the fact that it makes food so much motherfucking enjoyable.
  4. I can't really compare them.

    Sometimes I prefer alchol when partying, meeting people, hanging out with more people. I'm more social when drunk, and I'm outgoing.

    When I'm alone or with a select few I'll want to smoke and chill, which is nice too. So I can't really tell you either or.
  5. high because no bad side effects so you can get high all the time.
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    Depends on the situation.

    I'd much rather get high alone than drunk alone..

    I wouldn't know which to pick at a party, probably high because I'm newer to it, so its interesting.

    I'm also much more responsible and in control of my actions when high.. and theres no bad side effects really. Unless some people don't enjoy burning out.

    Too hard to chose though.
  8. Depends how many people. Anything under 4 people I'd choose high, but above that, I'll drink all the time.

    Drinking is much more social that smoking is. If you're hanging with like 2 good friends and wanna mellow out, weed is the way to go. But at a party, alcohol is your best bet.

    Overall, the feeling of being high is a LOT better than being drunk IMO.
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    guna ask a bunch of STONERS whether theyd rather be high or drunk... huh i wonder wat theyll choose..
  10. Thats the general idea.
  11. easy question. high is far superior.

    my arguement:

    being a college student i have had my fair share of drunken nights with awful days of class.
    going out and getting smashed = shitty day of class (if you choose to go; sometimes still drunk until noon)

    getting high leaves you feeling great the next day; because you sleep better.
  12. Being drunk is amazing. I love it.

    But NOTHING compares to being high.

    I love you Mary Jane.

  13. i second that statement.
  14. if we were into alcohol we would be a forum for brewing beer. this is a marijuana forum what are you even thinking?
  15. Its a poll, some people like drinking more but maybe its easier and more fun for them tog et drunk. Dont flame please.
  16. I want to say just a little bit of both
  17. Definitely high.

    It's just a lot more fun and interesting.

    Plus, sex is great high. I can't even get hard when I'm drunk.

    I do drink occasionally at parties with non-stoners and when I just want to go out on the town and make myself completely braindead for a night.

    Sometimes if I'm not in a thinking, philosophical kind of mood, I'll prefer drinking just so I can be a loud, bumbling idiot and have an excuse.

    Usually the hangovers, and the sick feelings, and the having to drink so much for it to effect me just isn't worth it. I'd rather just spark up a bowl and be feeling good only a couple minutes later then having to drink beer after beer and barely getting buzzed.
  18. Get hiiiiiiiigh yo!
  19. Im usually going to be both at some point in the day, so I guess it doesnt matter which one I like more.
  20. being high is cool, and being drunk is cool, but i'd rather be stoned

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